My Russian Master (Service & Submission Book 3)(9)

By: Megan Michaels

Jesus. I bet that man can pack a wallop. That would be one helluva spanking, that’s for sure!

She cleared her throat, extending her hand to him. Instead of shaking it, he pulled it up to his lips, brushing a kiss over her knuckles. “Miss Caroleena Turner, it is nice to meet you.”

“Caroline. The name is Caroline. It’s nice to meet you also. Come into my office.” She walked toward her door, opening it for him, turning to Jason as an afterthought. “Jason, is there a reason you’re still here?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, there is a reason. We’ll discuss this in your office.” He brushed past her, following Maxim through the door. Shutting it behind her, she went to the area in front of the fireplace. “Please. Make yourself comfortable.”

She started to sit down until she realized that Jason was staring at her. He stood with his hands on his narrow hips, his suit coat opened, his shoulder holster and gun showing under his left arm.


“Oh, is right! How many times have we discussed your safety, Caroline?”

“Uhm. A few, I guess. Why are you asking?” She lifted her chin. Her stomach did little flips when his tone got like that, but she’d be damned if she’d let him know that.

“I’m asking because you invited Maxim to stay at your penthouse — without running it by me first or even meeting him.” He pointed his finger at her wagging it like she was a recalcitrant child. “It’s unsafe, Caroline. Unsafe!”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake, Jason, calm your tits. I checked this man out. He has awesome references and a spotless resume. I have no doubt in my mind that he’s somebody I can trust.”

In two long strides, Jason stood toe-to-toe with her. His voice dropped to just above a whisper. “Do. Not. Use that tone of voice with me! I can only keep you safe if I know who you’re talking to and who is coming to the penthouse. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” She hated when roles became reversed with Jason. He could be very intimidating, and after talking to Karen, his wife, Caroline had become even more afraid of that voice. As a Dom, he routinely disciplined his wife, and she had no doubt in her mind that if Karen had just said those same words, she would have been over his knee instantly. Just the thought of it had her clit throbbing in her already damp panties.

Jason pinched her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “You’re going to push me too far and one of these days you’ll suffer the consequences. Believe me.”

She pulled her chin from of his grasp, glancing out of the corner of her eye at Maxim.

“Oh, don’t worry about Maxim. You may have finally met your match, Caroline. This guy isn’t going to take any of your shit. We may finally get to see Ms. Turner get her comeuppance.” He chuckled, high fiving Maxim as he walked out of her office, leaving her staring at his back.

“He’s right, you know?” Maxim quirked an eyebrow at her.

“But I had checked into you first. I knew your background, talked to your references.” She sat in the chair opposite him, crossing her legs, clasping her hands in her lap.

“It does not matter. He is your security. You need to run things by him. You pay him to keep you safe, no?”

“Yes. I do. But—”

“No ‘buts.’ You should have told him. My references could have lied about me, and you know that as a businesswoman. You were wrong.”

She stared at Maxim in shock. She should be putting him in his place, asserting her authority. But something in his steely gaze made her sit straight — and stay quiet. His rational and intellectual response, no feelings attached to it all, made her take pause. It was something she hadn’t been used to in men. Some were intellectual, yes, but they were often too sensitive, and it made it too easy for her to write them off as being dramatic. Or sometimes they had no emotion, but lacked the intelligence, and she’d dismiss them for not being rational. In this instance though, she had to agree.

Both men were right.

“As a grown woman, you need to take better care of yourself instead of relying on others. It’s your responsibility to keep yourself safe. Yes, you have paid help to be the strength and muscle you need, but you have to actively participate in your safety also.” He crossed his legs and stretched his long arms along the back of the loveseat, making it look more like a chair than a sofa.

Once again, she knew she should have reasserted her authority at that moment, but instead she found herself swallowing in reaction to his rebuke.

“I’m sure you’ll do better next time, but you need to apologize to him. Not just to make amends, but because it’s the right thing to do.” He leaned forward to pour some water into a glass, gulping half the glass down.

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