My Russian Master (Service & Submission Book 3)(6)

By: Megan Michaels

“Do you have working papers, Mr. Volkov?”

“Maxim. Call me, Maxim, Samantha. I have a green card to work in the US.” He cleared his throat, leaning back in his chair. “I have been chef in New York, actually.”

“Really? Where?” The surprise in her voice was obvious.

“The Russian Room. You know of it? You eat there?”

“Nah. But I’ll check it out. So, do you think you may be interested in the job?” A hint of hopefulness snuck into her voice now. Samantha was either a great administrative assistant, or Miss Caroline Turner could be a difficult person when things didn’t go her way.

“Yes. I would be interested. We’d have to discuss details, of course.” He never jumped into things. Getting the details and working out any kinks ahead of time would be best for both of them.

“Oh, that’d be awesome! Thank God. When would you be able to meet with Caroline to discuss the final details?” There it was again. He’d have to watch Caroline when he met her in person, to see how she related to staff. It would be very telling for him personally.

“I need to book flight to U.S. so I can email you when my flight is confirmed. Is there any week that is no good for Caroleena?”

“Oh, it’s pronounced Caro-line. She’s very picky about how people say her name, Sir.” Samantha had an edge of rebuke in her voice, which never boded well with Maxim.

“I say it that way because of accent. She will understand, I am sure. When is Caroleena available, Samantha?”

“Uhm... Sammi. Call me Sammi. Well, she said that she’d move her schedule around to accommodate you, Max. So, whenever you want.”

“Maxim. You’ll call me Maxim, or Sir.” He paused, waiting for her response.

Start as you plan to continue.

“S-sorry. Maxim, Sir.”

“It is just how I wish to be addressed. No worries.” He paused to look at his schedule on his phone. “It should be no problem for me to be there next week. So, I will call you with details of flight. Should I make hotel reservations?”

“No. S-sir. Her penthouse has a wing for you. Did I put that in the email? Or did I forget?”

“No, Samantha, you put it in the email. I’m not hired yet, so I had no reason to believe I would be able to stay there. But, thank you, I will stay at Ms. Caroleena’s. Caroline’s.”

“Okay, Maxim. I’ll talk to you soon! I’m so glad you’re coming.”

“Good day, Samantha.”

Maxim hung up, staring at his phone.


Caroline didn’t know him at all — hadn’t even met him yet — but was willing to let him stay at her penthouse. Definitely not safe.


And Samantha was overly eager to please her boss, evidently fearing her boss’ negative reaction to things.

The good news was that Caroleena wanted him to start immediately.

Chapter Three

“Caroline, Maxim just called from the airport. Jason found him, and he’s on his way.” Sammi, dressed very professionally today, stood in the doorway to Caroline’s office. Some days, she dressed too feminine as far as Caroline was concerned, but today a black, tailored suit with strappy heels made her look the part of an administrative assistant to a CEO.

A look that she should wear every day.

“Show him in as soon as he gets here.” Caroline pointed to the comfortable sitting area in front of a gas fireplace in her office. Two Queen Anne chairs beckoned any visitors, along with a sofa, and a glass and cherry wood table accented with a large glass vase full of dried blue and purple hydrangeas. “And make sure there’s coffee and tea ready this time. I want him comfortable.”

She grit her teeth a little. Sammi had forgotten tea for an English client a few months back and since that incident, Caroline made sure to remind her admin every time clients were on their way.

“Yes, Caroline. I’m sorry. Everything’s set, I’ve even added chai and purchased an espresso machine.”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Well, about damn time. We’ve needed one of those for a while now. I want him as my fitness chef. We need everything to be perfect. Now, go. I have things to do before he comes.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Sammi turned on her heel, shutting the door quietly behind her as she left.

Caroline felt nervous about meeting Maxim. She didn’t usually have nerves when meeting new clients or executives. She hadn’t climbed her way to the top by being reticent or insecure around people. But since this had to do with her weight and eating habits, she felt concerned about judgment. She assumed a fitness chef would be critical of her lifestyle, and her body as a whole.

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