My Russian Master (Service & Submission Book 3)

By: Megan Michaels


Many thanks to my wonderful friend, Kristin. You're always kind, caring, and supportive, giving me an honest opinion on all things, and making me laugh on the days I can't even muster a smile. I appreciate you taking the time out of your crazy life to be there for me.

To all the women who have had to overcome obstacles — big or small — to accept and love themselves.

“We can always find each other, we girls with secrets.” — Crystal Renn

Chapter One

Caroline Turner stalked out of the conference room and down the carpeted hallway. Neither the spring sunshine pouring through the floor-to-ceiling windows, nor the spectacular view of Manhattan far below did anything to improve her mood.

How dare he?

He’d had the nerve to turn to her and tell her she’d find more success with men if she fixed her attitude — and lost about twenty pounds. While there was no way she’d ever let him know that his comments had hurt, they definitely had.

She’d smiled. “Why, Derek, you sweet talker. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you were putting in an order. When I’m ready for you, I’ll give you a ring. Until then, wish me well and stay safe.” She’d quickly turned on her heel and left before he could make another cutting retort.

As she passed by Samantha, the receptionist, Caroline plastered on a smile that felt more like a grimace. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Sammi.”

Barely managing to hold back her tears, she picked up her pace, dashing toward the elevator.

Pressing the button for the door harshly, staring at the cold, steel doors, she felt the all-too-familiar sting of impending tears behind her eyes and nose.

As soon as the doors opened, she quickly entered, not turning around until they had closed. Caroline dug around in her Louis Vuitton bag, pulling out a tissue, hoping she wouldn’t need to use it, still willing her tears not to fall. She looked at herself in a small mirror, to be sure her eyes weren’t too red. She opened her cell, punching in the numbers as if it had insulted her rather than Derek.

“Jason. I’ll be out front soon. I need to go home. Yes. I’m fine. Thank you.”

Looking in the mirror again, she turned her head from side-to-side, observing her skin and neck, assessing how much weight she’d gained. She supposed she could lose some weight, but she thought she looked pretty good. After all, she’d seen many other women that looked older — or heavier — than she was. If anyone asked why she was dabbing at her welling eyes, she’d say she had allergies.

At thirty-two, she knew she no longer looked like she had at twenty-two or, for that matter, even how she looked at twenty-six. But how dare he insinuate that she hadn’t been dating because of twenty pounds? Didn’t some men like a little weight on their women? She’d read in her romance novels about Doms wanting women who were curvy, women with generous, swaying breasts. It meant there would be enough ass to squeeze and spank, a soft cushion for sex. She liked big, burly men, and they in particular liked a soft woman, a curvy woman. She’d been told that many times. Wasn’t that true?

It still hurt though. She wasn’t sure she could ever get back to her size eight clothes. Even if she could though, would she want to?

From the very beginning, as a young intern, she’d diligently worked her way up the chain, eventually managing to become the CEO of a prominent advertising firm in Manhattan. Of course, she’d made enemies in the process, many of them men like her current nemesis, Derek Miller. He had set his sights on the company, and vowed he’d wrest it from her control. He’d gotten backers and supporters, but not enough to succeed. With the backing of her family and a few very prominent and wealthy close friends, she’d been able to outbid him, winning over key members of the Board with her class and knowledge.

He never let her forget that he would be her biggest competitor — and someone she could never trust. Her interpersonal skills, her ability to influence people and to communicate with ease, had kept her at the top.

Derek had been brash and conniving, trying to thwart her success at every turn. Thankfully, most people saw his evil nature for what it was, no matter how much he tried to mask it. And fortunately for her, her board of directors were very savvy, and were able to warn her of any sly maneuvers Derek cooked up. Overall, she loved her board of directors, even though some days they’d made her life difficult; she couldn’t manipulate them as easily as she’d have liked. Despite her occasional clashes with the Board though, they backed her on almost all her endeavors. The combined intelligence and experience of the men and women who made up her board were an invaluable ally to her.

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