Mastered by Her Mates (Interstellar Bride Book 0)

By: Grace Goodwin

Chapter One

Amanda Bryant, Interstellar Bride Processing Center, Earth

This couldn’t be real. But it felt real. The warm air on my sweaty skin. The redolent scent of fucking. The soft sheets beneath my knees. The hard body at my back. I was blindfolded, the silk making everything as black as night. But I didn't need sight to know a cock was buried deep in my pussy. A big, thick cock.

It was real. It was real!

I was kneeling on a bed, the man behind me, fucking me. His hips shifted, rocking his cock over every delicious nerve ending, my inner walls rippling around him. His hard thighs were beneath me, an arm wrapped about my waist and cupping my breast, anchoring me in place so I couldn’t move. I could only take it as he bottomed out deep inside me. I could go nowhere—not that I wished to. Why would I want to leave? It felt so good. His cock felt so good stretching me open, filling me.

It wasn’t just the man behind me making me lose my mind. A second man—yes, I was with two men!—kissed his way down my belly. Hot licks of his tongue in my navel, then lower and lower…

How long could he take for his lips to finish their journey to my clit?

That little nub pulsed and throbbed in eagerness. Hurry, tongue, hurry!

How could this be real? How could two men be touching me, licking me, fucking me? They were. Because the man at my back wrapped his strong hands around my inner thighs and opened me even wider for the other to explore me with his hands and tongue…and found my clit.

Finally! I rocked my hips forward, wanting more.

“Hold still, mate. We know you want to come, but you will wait.” The deep voice at my ear breathed the heated words against the side of my neck, even as he shifted his hips, spreading me open with his giant cock.

Wait? I couldn’t wait! Every time the cock plunged deep, the tongue on my clit flicked, then licked. No woman could survive a cock plus a flick and lick.

I moaned. Whimpered, tried to circle my hips into the pleasure. I loved it. I wanted them both inside me. Was desperate for them to claim me, to make me theirs forever.

For a split second my mind rebelled, as I had no mates. I hadn’t taken a lover in over a year. I’d never taken two men at once. Never considered wanting both of my holes filled. Who were these men? Why was I—

The tongue was gone from my clit and I cried out. “No!”

Soon, that mouth was on my nipple, and I felt the man before me smile against my tender skin. He tugged and suckled me until I whimpered, begging for more. I rode the razor’s edge, my body on the brink of orgasm. The cock filling me was incredible, but it wasn’t enough.

I needed.


The plea left my lips before I could regain control and a dark part of me thrilled at the punishment I knew the demand would bring. How did I know that? I was so confused, but didn’t want to take any time to think, just enjoy.

Immediately, a strong hand wrapped in my hair, tugging my head back with a painful sting as the man behind me twisted my head to his, teasing my lips with his own.

“You do not make demands, mate. You submit.” He kissed me, his tongue a hard, dominant intrusion in my mouth. He thrust as he fucked me, his tongue and his cock invading my body as one before withdrawing to the edge and plunging within once more.

My other mate—wait, mate?—used his fingers to spread my pussy lips even wider. He licked my clit, then blew on it gently as the cock fucking me slammed deep, then pulled nearly free. Lick. Blow. Lick. Blow. I was near tears, my arousal too intense to be contained.

“Please, please. Please.”

A single tear fell and escaped the edges of my blindfold, wetting the skin where my cheek and my mate’s touched. He broke the kiss instantly, his warm tongue tracing the path with a loud rumble. “Ah begging. We love our mate to beg. That means you are ready.”

The one I imagined must be on his knees before me, the one torturing me with his mouth, spoke to me then.

“Do you accept my claim, mate? Do you give yourself to me and my second freely, or do you wish to choose another primary male?”

“I accept your claim, warriors.” My vow spoken, my mates growled, their control pushed to its limit.

“Then we claim you in the rite of naming. You belong to us and we shall kill any other warrior who dares to touch you.”

“May the gods witness and protect you.” The chorus of voices sounded around us and I gasped as the man on his knees before me nipped at my inner thighs with his teeth in a dark promise of more pleasure.

“Come for us now, mate. Show them all how your mates bring you pleasure.” The mate at my back issued the order just before his mouth crushed my lips in a searing kiss.

Wait, what others?—Before I could finish the thought the other man’s mouth clamped down, hard on my clit, sucking and flicking his tongue, pushing me over the edge.

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