Love After Divorce(9)

By: Ashley Marie

“it is okay, if I am going to move on from this part of my life I have to get used to hearing the truth; it is making me stronger” I said as I put a smile on my face

“that is what I am talking about!, let’s get ready to get out of here” she said as she walked over to put her dress on, I looked at my screen before sitting it down and there was a text message from Rashaad

The Bastard Who Lied: We need to talk Reign…

Me: About what?

The Bastard Who Lied: Us!

Me: lol, whatever!

I placed the phone on vibrate and went to put on my dress

When we pulled up to the club the line was wrapped around the corner

“damn girl, we gone be in line forever” I complained as I put on a fresh coat of lip stick

“Reign you know better than to think that I am about to stand in anybody’s line to get into anybody’s club” she said looking at me like I was crazy. We got out of the car and she paid the valet to park it, we got all types of disapproving stares and comments from the haters. When we had made it to the front of the line Jessica leaned in and got the bouncer’s attention, he turned around with a shocked expression causing her to smile at him as he took her into his arms for a hug

“hey Tiny, this is my girlfriend Reign, we are out celebrating her divorce and you know this line ain’t gone cut it” she said giving him a knowing look

“what’s’ up Reign, you wearing that dress ma, you guys can come on in; you know I can’t have you standing in line, you are VIP tonight” he said as he removed the red rope so that we could walk through. When we got into the club I noticed that there were more people standing outside than there were inside

“they know they wrong for holding that line like that with nobody in here” I said as I rolled my eyes

“you know that they have to make it look like it is jumping for the people riding pass” Jessica said as she grabbed my hand and walked in the direction of the bar

“what can I get for you ladies tonight” the bartender asked, she was a very pretty dark skinned woman, she had on a cute little black barmaid uniform with her huge butt stuffed into a pair of sequenced boy shorts

“I would like a 1800 Sunrise” Jessica said as we took a seat in the available barstools

“I would like a Lemon Drop” I said when she looked up at me, she winked her eye and proceeded to make our first round of drinks

“someone is digging on you girl” Jessica whispered in my ear, I cut my eye at her before responding

“please do not start, you gone have me in here paranoid” I was a supreme homophobe and it always seemed liked they sensed it inside of me because I always got hit on by lesbians

“oh lawd, please don’t get paranoid, I was just playing “ she said as the bartender sat our drinks before us

“enjoy” she said looking at me, I thanked her and took a sip of my drink to mask the fact that I had become uncomfortable

“this is good” Jessica said as she sipped her drink, the bouncers had finally started to let people inside of the club, the crowd was pretty well mixed as far as age variations, the women were all nicely dressed and oozing sex appeal whereas the men all pretty much looked like hungry wolves which I reminded myself is to be expected in a night club. After three songs and a second lemon drop I was ready to hit the dance floor

“come on Jess, I want to dance” I yelled over the music as I did my cute little two step

“lead the way” she said as she tossed back the remainder of her drink and sat the glass on top of the bar before following behind me. We made it to the dance floor right as the DJ started mixing in Future’s song commas, I loved this song, Jessica swore that it brought out my ratchet side. I had my hands in the air and my head back as I swayed with the music, the beat had me in a zone as I enjoyed myself inside of my own little world.

“you should let me be a part of the zone you’re in” I heard a familiar voice whisper into my ear, I took note of his Creed cologne and the mint on his breath before turning around and locking eyes with him

“hey Michael ” I smiled

“you are simply beautiful” he said to me, people were bumping us back and forth as they danced, we were standing still in the middle of the dance floor both dazed by one another

“thank you” I responded as I tried to stop myself from blushing

“no problem, I would have hated if I did not get to personally see you in this dress tonight; money well spent” he said as he gave me a once over, I openly smiled at his compliment as I showed my appreciation of his approval

“was it a coincidence that we both showed up here tonight or are you following me” I asked as I gestured for him to follow me off of the dance floor

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