Love After Divorce(8)

By: Ashley Marie

“yeah, I like the pink myself” she said as she went back into the closet

“then pink it is hot mama” I confirmed, she came back out with a hot pair of lime green shoes to compliment the outfit “well damn, we gone be in there looking like a couple highlighters” I joked with her as I tried on the shoes

“that is the point, I need to be seen, I have been single way too long and my vibrator ain’t cutting it lately” she said

“eww, too much information, I did not know that I was going out with you to look for prospects” I said turning up my nose as I walked over to the mirror to see how the shoes looked on my feet just incase I decided to borrow them at a later date

“me, hell you need to be doing the same thing, you and Rashaad have been separated for over six months, I know that kitty needs to be stroked” she responded

“Jessica! Inappropriate” I said in embarrassment

“bull shit, you know I tell it like it is; the struggle is real for us both honey” she said as she held up her hand for a high five, I reluctantly gave her one after cutting my eye at her for being so vulgar

“you should have just grabbed your stuff and got dressed over here since we have already been acting like teenagers” she said as she removed the cork in the wine in preparation of refilling her empty glass

“I was just thinking about that, I think that I am going to run home and take a shower and then come back to dress with you” I said as I sat my glass on her vanity

“sounds good, I will be done freshening up myself by the time you return” she said as she walked into her master bathroom and got a clip from her drawer to pin her hair up

“okay, I am going to use my key when I come back over” I told her over my shoulder as I walked towards the front door

When I got home I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator before heading upstairs to gather all of the things that I would need for the evening, I turned on the shower to let the water warm up while I ran a toothbrush across my teeth, I got the bottle of Nair from underneath my cabinet along with a fresh bar of Olay soap before I got inside of the shower stall. I took my time and enjoyed the feel of the water running down my back as I soaped up my Bath and Body Works sponge an, after lathering my body with the fragrant soap I applied the Nair to my legs and let it sit awhile before I wiped it off. I repeated the same steps with my arm pits as I ran a hand over my bikini area to judge how well the Brazilian wax was holding up. After determining that I had at least another week before I would need to make another appointment I lathered my body once more before rinsing and turning the shower off. I stepped out of the stall onto my plush ergonomics bath mat and dried my body completely, I applied some of the Nivea intense moisturizing lotion and walked over to my dresser to find underwear. I settled on a black Victoria Secret thong and bra set, after putting them both on I slid on some leggings and a t-shirt. I grabbed a small overnight tote and placed my make- up case along with my flat irons and clips inside. I double checked to make sure that I was not missing anything before flipping the light switch and walking downstairs, I grabbed the Dillard’s bags which contained my dress and accessories before walking towards the door, I placed my feet inside of a pair of flip flops that were sitting in the foyer. I locked up and headed back to Jessica’s house, as I was twisting her knob to let myself in I heard my phone ring, I missed the call due to my hands being full and proceeded down the hallway, I yelled out that I was coming up so that I did not startle her when I got back inside of her bed room she was sitting on the chaise applying oil to her toned legs

“hey lady bug you got enough crap” she asked as she scanned over everything inside of my hands

“shut up” I said as I placed the things on the bed and reached inside of my tote for my phone, before I could see who the first missed call was from the phone began to ring again, the screen indicated that the call was from Rashaad. I swiped my hand across the screen sending him to the voice mail

“who has you screening their calls” she laughed

“ Rashaad has called me twice from his home phone in the last two minutes that it has taken me to walk back over here” I said s I went into his contact profile to block his home phone number as well

“wow, ain’t that some shit, now that you have moved on with your life he wants to show you attention but you could not even get the bastard to call if he was going to be late when you guys were together” she vented hitting a sore spot unintentionally, I took a deep breath and looked away

“I am sorry Reign, I did not mean to come off so harshly” she said

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