Love After Divorce(7)

By: Ashley Marie

“I am not your wife, I am Reign McCall and I am busy, I have to get ready for my date” I said as his eyes flashed with rage

“what the fuck do you mean ‘date’, your ass aint about to start dating no damn body” he said as he pushed his way inside of the house

“who is going to stop me, let the paperwork inside of my purse tell it; I am a single woman as of two thirty this evening” I said “and you need to get out of MY house” I continued

“ I built this mother fucker from the grown up, what do you mean your house, the last time I checked I was the one with the degree in Engineering and it was my money that paid for all of this shit” he said as he waved his arms around

“ you are right, and it will be your money that continues to pay for it you highfalutin bastard” I said as I gave him the finger

“you know what, I came over here to possibly talk about starting over with you but the more and more I hear you talk the clearer it becomes to me that we would never work” he said calmly

“good, I am happy that you finally get it” I said as I took a seat at the barstool , he stared at me for several seconds before he turned to exit

“you are going to regret this one Ms. McCall” he said when he got to the door

“I highly doubt it Mr. Clay, take care” I replied as I swung the door closed and locked it. I watched from the window as he backed out of the driveway, I also noticed that Jessica was pulling into hers

“oh brother” I said aloud to myself as I walked over to the refrigerator to retrieve my bottle of wine like I’d planned to do. I got out two stemless wine glasses from the cupboard and waited on Jessica to come on over, no sooner than I had struggled to get the cork out there was a knock on the door

“I am coming “ I yelled out as I sat the bottle onto the kitchen’s island

“hey lady” I said as I opened the door for her

“don’t ‘hey lady’ me, what was that bastard doing over here” she asked getting straight to the drama, I poured us both a hefty glass of wine before I answered her

“he was waiting in the driveway when I pulled up, we had an argument and he threw up how it was his money that financed this place, I told him that he was right and that it would be his money that kept it afloat” I said as I took a sip of my drink

“oh shit” Jessica said as she choked back laughter

“that is like the third time today that you almost spat your wine at me” I said

“shut up heffa, so what happened next” she asked with her nosey ass

“ I told him that he needed to leave because I had a date to get ready for” I said as I watched her eyes buck at me

“look at you, this divorce has grown you some kahunas” she said while grabbing her crotch as if she had a set of balls

“girl I know, I am just pissed that I did not do it before” I told her

“it is okay, you got out when you were destined to” she said as she went refill her wine glass

“anyway enough of that, what are you wearing tonight; you’ve seen my get up, let’s hear about yours” I said as I grabbed my wine glass and house keys

“are we really about to go next door and compare outfits” she asked as she looked at me with a blank face

“yep, we sure are” I said as while ushering her towards the door with the wave of my hand

“I have not done this since I was in high school” she said as she walked out of the front door, I locked it behind her as we walked across the lawn to her house, we each removed our shoes at the front door as we walked down a long hall leading directly into her bedroom

“so what are the options” I asked as I sat on her chaise lounge and folded my legs beneath me, I took the bottle of wine and placed it on the floor beside the foot of the chaise

“well at first I was going to simply put on a pair of skinny’s and some heels but now that I have to compete with that dress you just got, I will have to go in here and see” she said as she flipped on the light switch for her walk-in closet, she came back out with three or four hangers in her hand “so the only options that stand up with your outfit are these” she said as she placed a bad ass red dress on the bed followed by a hot pink romper, the other two options were a simple black dress and a black cat suit that looked as if it were made out of a leather-ish material. I held up the cat suit and looked at her with a questioning expression on my face

“really Jess” I asked while holding the hooker fit up against me

“what, sometimes I feel like getting a lil thottish” she said as she stuck her tongue out at me

“okay well this is not the outfit for tonight thot, I like the pink or the red” I said as I took a sip of my wine

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