Love After Divorce(6)

By: Ashley Marie

“You are being bitter and you are obviously not thinking clearly, I just want to see what we can do to get our family back together” he offered

“Answer me this and it will determine if we can get back together” I said

“What is it” he asked with excitement

“can you go back to the night of my birthday and stop your phone from pocket dialing me, can you remove the lipstick from your collar or stop your dick from sliding into another woman” I asked “no you cannot, so there is nothing left to discuss” I said before I hung up in his face, I blocked his number and walked inside of the department store. I scanned the isles as a neon yellow dress caught my eye, I checked to see if they had my size on the rack and got excited after seeing that they did, I walked into the fitting room to try it on. I took off my blazer and removed my camisole and jeans, I put the dress on and fell in love with my reflection. It fit liked a glove and showed off the hard work that I had been putting in at the gym over the last several months, I turned around and admired the view from the back. The dress was perfect, it was super cute and just a little bit on the risky side, I put my clothes back on and went to search for the perfect shoes to match it. I ran across a pair of orange and yellow color blocked sling backs by Jessica Simpson with the matching bag, I asked for the salesman to grab me a size eight from the back. After I had tried them on to make sure that they fit I walked over to the cashier to pay for my purchase

“We meet again so soon” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me

“Hello there” I said as I turned around to greet the guy from the restaurant

“Are you following me” he asked as I laid the dress onto the counter

“No not at all” I responded while laughing

“that will be one hundred sixty two dollars and seventeen cents” the cashier said as I reached for my wallet “here you go” he said as he handed the lady a platinum visa card

“You don’t have to do that” I said as I tried to hand her my card instead

“no it is not a problem, I saw the yellow dress and I do not mind paying for it at all; good taste” he said as he signed the receipt electronically

“Thank you” I said shyly

“You can repay me though” he started “how about you let me take you out this weekend” he asked

“That is fine, call me and set it up” I said as I thanked him again,

“I will do just that, enjoy your evening Ms. McCall” he said as he backed away slowly, I smiled to myself as I walked towards the exit with a little extra sway to my hips, I could feel him watching me but I refused to look back. When I made it back to the escalator I finally released the breath that I had been holding and calmed myself down. This must have been the way that Stella felt when she was on the road to getting her groove back; my new found confidence felt good and with the dress that I’d got, it could only get better as the night went on

I scoped out my plan for when I got home in my mind as I sat at the red light two streets from the house, I was going to go inside and use the restroom and pour myself a nice glass of Pinot Griot as I listened to my new Jill Scott cd. All of my thoughts of relaxiation were haulted when I pulled into the driveway and saw Rashaad’s Audi sitting there with the engine running

“fuck” I swore out loud as I banged my palm onto the steering wheel, I drove along side him and pressed the button on my sun visor to open the garage, I pulled inside and closed it back never acknowledging his presence. I removed my dress from the hanger in the back seat and went inside of my house, I hung the garment bag onto the bar stool and ran into the downstairs restroom to relieve my bladder. After flushing the toilet and washing my hands I heard the door bell chime, taking a deep breath I approached the front door

“what is it” I asked calmly as I cracked the door open

“really Reign, you just gone act like you did not see me sitting in the driveway when you pulled up” he asked with his jaw clinched

“I saw you but I was busy, what is it” I repeated

“this new you is a mess” he said out of irritation

“well lucky for you, you do not have to deal with the new me” I sneered as I closed the door in his face only for him to ring the door bell again “what Rashaad” I yelled

“Reign can we just have a fucking conversation damn, we do have to get along for the sake of our children you know” he said

“do not sit up here and use the damn kid card, they ain’t even here” I said with a roll of my neck, he just stared at me like I was an alien

“who the hell are you and what have you done with my wife” his dramatic ass asked me

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