Love After Divorce(5)

By: Ashley Marie

“yes girl, this has been a very stressful six months, I need that drink”

“well turn up then” she said in her ‘hood voice’ Jessica was a mess, she stood about five feet two inches tall, she was a small little thing but very feisty, she was the color of hot chocolate and had a smile that could light up a room. That along with her small boobs and nice shape attracted men everywhere we went, she was a beautiful woman both inside and out, her career as a divorce attorney paid the bills by day and afforded her second job of a party girl by night

“I need to turn up for real while you playing” I said as I looked over at the bar, I made eye contact with a handsome man and nervously broke it before it lingered too long

“all you have to do is say the word and it is on honey” she said getting excited at the thought of me possibly agreeing to going out

“let’s do it” I said calling her bluff

“huh, what” she asked as she dramatically choked on her drink

“you heard me, let’s do it; where you wanna go” I asked as the waitress sat my drink on the table, I thanked her as we placed our orders after she was gone Jessica continued speaking

“you are serious aren’t you”

“yes I am, I told you, new life new me “ I sipped the strong drink that was mixed to perfection, I knew that I would be ordering another one

“cool, let’s go to Kudoku’s it is a nice hookah lunge in Midtown, me and a colleague went there one night” she suggested

“okay, what time should I be ready” I asked her

“I will be knocking on your door at ten o’clock” she confirmed while glancing at her ringing phone

“sounds good to me” I looked back over at the bar and caught the attractive man from moments before staring at me

“looks like you have an admirer” she smiled like a Chester cat

“hush, I am not paying him any mind” I used my straw to mix my floating shot in

“well you should be because he is headed in this direction” she warned me, I looked up and sure enough he was on his way over to our table

“hello, my name is Michael; how are you ladies doing” he asked us with his focus on me

“ I am well, my name is Reign and this is my friend Jessica” I shook his out stretched hand

“ nice to meet you both, I just thought that I would come over here and tell you that I thought that you were very attractive instead of staring like a weirdo” he said with a chuckle

“thank you, you are not so hard on the eyes yourself” I replied as I sipped my drink

“are you single, would it be possible to exchange numbers” he asked hopefully

“sure, in fact I will just give you my card and you give me a call when you see fit” I said as I removed a business card from my wallet

“okay, sounds good, I will be giving you a call really soon Ms. McCall” he flirted “you ladies enjoy your meal” he said as he walked off

“Well look at your confident ass, I feel like I should just stop drinking all together, this is the second time that you have had me over here choking” the drama queen commented

“Hush up, I’m bout that life” I said as the server placed our food before us

“Yes, I can tell” we bowed our heads in prayer and dug into our entrees with only a few words of communication shared between us. The food was delicious and I would definitely be coming back soon. After dinner I said goodbye to Jessica, she said that she had some errands to run and that she would be home later, I told her that I would be ready by ten o’clock before we parted ways. I go into my car and headed to Seventeenth Street, I figured that I would stop by Atlantic Station and see if I could find something cute to wear for the night. I parked in the garage and stuck the parking ticket inside of my pocket, when I made it to the escalator I had to dig down into my purse to retrieve my ringing phone, I sighed before answering the phone

“Both of our children have their own cell phones and they are not with me, so what is the nature of this call ” I asked Rashaad

“I was not calling for the kids, I was calling to speak to you” he said sadly

“ what do we have to speak about, we just left court not even three hours ago” I said as I stepped off of the escalator and headed into the direction of Dillard’s

“Please stop being mean to me and hear me out Reign” he pleaded

“You have about four minutes” I said

“That is plenty of time, I just wanted to know if you would agree to sit down and work this thing out” he asked

“You know what, I always thought that you were a little slow but now I am convinced. Did we or did we not just go through a nasty divorce for six months, what the hell could we possibly have to sit down and work out; the judge did that quite well if you ask me” I told him

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