Love After Divorce(49)

By: Ashley Marie

“Reign, stop being so bull headed and listen for a change” He said as he released a tired breath

“Okay Rashaad, anything else?” I asked

“Yes, I’m sorry and I love you” He said before hanging up the phone.

“What was all that about?” Jessica asked me.

“Michael and Rashaad keep calling asking have I talked to the other. That was Rashaad and he told me not to meet anyone randomly, don’t talk to anyone, and let no one know of my connection with either of them.” I told her as I waived the waitress over, I needed a drink- a strong one!

“That’s odd, have you talked to Malcom?” She asked me

Before I answered her question we placed our drink orders, after she was gone I spoke

“No and that is getting on my nerve, his communication skills are horrible. He did send me some flowers this morning.” I told her

“Well when I couldn’t find his information in the databases this morning I gave the information that you did give me to a friend of mine to see what information he could find- he was supposed to call me back at noon” She said

“You take your job way too serious but I appreciate you looking out for me” I said as I placed my hands in my lap so that the waitress could place my drink.

After our lunch orders were placed we did the girl talk thing speaking on random topics, I always enjoyed my time with Jess she was truly a genuine friend. By the time our entrees came out I was more than ready to dig in. saying a quick prayer of thanks we both quickly dug in, hearing a phone ring I laughed- it was Jess’s turn to interrupt lunch.

She talked in a low tone for a minute or two before ending the call with “are you kidding me” Once she was done she sat the phone on the table and looked up at me

“What’s wrong? Who pissed in your pie crust?” I joked as I took a sip of my drink

“Malcom’s name isn’t Malcom at all, it’s Thomas Snow; undercover agent Thomas Snow” She said causing my heart to palpitate. What the hell was going on, who was this man, and what did he want with me…. this shit was proving that it was nearly impossible to find love after divorce

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