Love After Divorce(4)

By: Ashley Marie

“I understand that, but people make mistakes I am trying to make up for it. When we got married you promised until death do us part, those were the vows we made” he said as he lowered his voice so that the people who had just stepped off the elevator could not hear him

“ha! Do you hear yourself, you are un-fucking-believable” I said to him “how dare you talk about our damn vows when you were the one to break them, I was there at that alter with you and in those vows the promise to be faithful was included somewhere” I continued

“can we do counseling or something babe, I am begging you please do not be the reason that another black family home is broken” he said trying to lay the guilt trip on me

“Rashaad listen, I am about to drive away from you before I relapse and do something that I will regret. I am not the same woman anymore, I will not let you place the blame on me for this one homie. You made your bed, now I suggest that you lay in it” I spat before I rolled up my window and pulled off. I took a moment to calm myself before paying the cashier the parking fee, I knew that he was trying to get up under my skin and I also knew that I could not let him. I was not in the wrong and I refused to go back to being the weak woman that I once was. If this relationship did not do anything else for me, it definitely made me stronger, the days of getting over on Reign McCall were over. It felt funny to refer to myself by my maiden name, I knew that my associates were going to trip over me dropping Rashaad’s name but oh well… I wanted to be an individual again and the first step in doing that was to let go of him along with any ties that did not include our children. I called Jessica to let her know that I was in route and that she could go ahead and get us a table if she got there before me. After hanging up with her I called my mother to tell her the out come of the divorce settlement

“ blessed is he who follows the word of the Lord, hello” she answered with her holy roller greeting

“hey ma” I laughed

“hey baby girl, how did it go”

“it went really well, I ended up with full custody and pretty much half of everything that he owns along with both child and spousal support” I said as I made a right onto Jessie Hill

“sweet Jesus” she said loudly into the phone “serves the bastard right” she continued

“ma!” I yelled in shock, my mother was a hot mess, she was what I referred to as a cursing Christian. She knew the bible through and through but would curse you out in a heartbeat and played the Georgia Lottery faithfully

“what, hell I am happy that he got his ass ripped from under him”

“where are my babies “ I asked her trying to change the subject

“Riley is in the kitchen waiting on me to show her how to make a peach cobbler and Mac is in the backyard with your father about to finally cut that grass, I swear it had gotten so high that I was expecting to see little trolls crawling around out there any day now” she was so dramatic

“okay, well I was just calling to check in, Jessica and I are headed over to Sweet Auburn Seafood for drinks; I will be heading your way as soon as we are done” I found a parking spot in the restaurant’s small lot

“that is fine, you take your time now in fact you can leave them on over here until tomorrow if you like; me and yah daddy ain’t got nothing going on; we can use the company”

“Are you sure mama” I stepped out of the car and locked the doors

“chile, gone head and get off my phone, I will see you tomorrow; meet a man while you out” she said as she disconnected the call before I could respond. I stuck the phone inside of my purse and walked into the semi- crowded restaurant, after greeting the hostess I informed her that I was meeting someone as she pointed me in the direction of Jessica’s table

“hey lady” I greeted her as I slid into the booth

“hey girl, I put in an order for some lobster cheese sticks” she said as I flipped through the drink menu

“cool, what are you drinking” I noticed her girly looking cocktail with a strawberry wedged on the rim

“a Bahama mama, I did not know how long you would be and watered down alcohol is a no go” she said as I skimmed over the cocktails

“may I get you something to drink” the waitress said as she approached out booth

“yes, may I have a Patron Margarita with a floater” I closed the menu and handed it to her

“sure, take a moment to look over the food menu while I put this in” she said politely before walking a way

“well damn, that’s how you feel” Jessica asked me in reference to the strong drink that I had just ordered

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