Love After Divorce(3)

By: Ashley Marie

~Six Months Later~

“your honor that is ridiculous” Rashaad blurted out as we listened to the ruling on our nasty divorce, I could not help but smile in triumph. These last six months have literally been hell for me, there were times that I thought I would need to seek professional help, after Rashaad moved out of our marital home I had to find new ways to keep busy so that I did not sink into a depression. It seemed like the sun’s rays were shining down on me as I replayed in my mind the things that Judge Alex had just said

“ Mr. Clay, I suggest that you control yourself in my courtroom, I will repeat my ruling since you did not seem to hear me over your outburst ….the judgemnt of the court are as follows: In the divorce of Rashaad Maurice Clay and Reign Monique Clay I award Reign full custody of the kids, Mr. Clay you are awarded visitation Friday evening through Sunday at six. The estate located at four seven one eight Bridgewater Avenue will go to Mrs. Clay. The rental property in the Cayman Islands will be divided among you both, Mr. Clay your 401k should be split in the increment of sixty forty with Mrs. Clay taking the lesser amount. All cars will stay with whom they were purchased for, and the Restaurant Riley Mack’s will be divided among the both of you as well… all savings accounts, escrow accounts, and joint bank accounts will be split down the middle. The child support amount of one thousand, seven hundred and sixty three dollars shall be paid monthly for the care of Riley and Macintosh Clay, spousal support in the amount of one thousand dollars shall be paid monthly for the next twelve months… court is adjourned “

I looked over at my lawyer as she smiled at me, when I looked back over in Rashaad’s direction his facial expression was of a kid who’d just lost their puppy. I was excited and ready to start my life over, I thanked my lawyer again as we walked out of the courtroom

“I did not expect for things to turn out like that” I commented as we stood waiting for the elevator to arrive

“serves the cheating bastard right” Jessica said with a roll of her eyes before informing me of Rashaad’s presents

“Reign, can I have a moment with you” he asked as the elevator chimed to alert us of it’s arrival

“what’s up” I stepped to the side to speak with him, Jessica let the elevator close as she waited on me to finish our conversation

“I know that what I did was wrong, I have been begging for your forgiveness over the last six months. I did not realize what my infidelity would do to our family and I am so sorry, Riley and Mac are suffering because of my negligence, I did not think about how any of this would effect either of you and for that I am sorry” he said, I looked at him blankly, months ago I would have given the world to hear him say those words but after all of the growing and soul searching I’ve done it all sounded like a bunch of bull shit

“are you done” I shifted my weight to my left leg impatiently

“yes, I just needed you to know that” he said sadly

“thank you, now I know” I walked off and rejoined Jessica at the elevators, I refused to look back at him as it arrived; I stepped on and finally released my happy dance

“ this is definitely a cause for celebration chica” I said as we embraced, Jessica was not only my neighbor but she had been my friend for the last seven years.

“yes we must, I am so happy that this is over for you, God has really did a number on you girlfriend” she said as we stepped off the elevator and walked into the lobby of the court house

“where did you park” I asked as I removed my oversized Ray Bans from inside of my purse and placed them onto my face

“I am right out front, you” she asked as she waved at someone she knew

“I am inside of the parking garage” I told her as we proceeded towards the exit

“okay cool, grab your car and meet me at Sweet Auburn Seafood” she said as we parted ways, I walked down the side walk and took the steps to the third floor, I used my key fob to unlock my doors and got inside. Before I could crank the vehicle I was startled by a knock at the window, I instantly placed my hand over my chest as I gasped in shock

“what is it Rashaad” I asked in irritation as I rolled my window down

“Rainy baby please don’t do this” he said calling me by the nick name that he’d given me shortly after we started dating, it used to cause me to blush but now all it did was make my flesh crawl

“please do not call me that, and don’t do what Rashaad, if I recall correctly this was all your doing. There are consequences for every action you make, we have been instilling that into our children since they were babies, did you think that it somehow did not apply to you as an adult as well” I asked him sarcastically

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