Love After Divorce(2)

By: Ashley Marie

“Oh shit!” I said as my eyes got big

“No shit, what did you think was going to happen? You need to get out of there!” she yelled as she pulled me out onto the porch

I could hear the fire department getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes and groaned, the realization of what I had just done hit me

“Yeah babe, you’ve messed up big time” she told me as we walked back over to her house.

The fire truck pulled up to the curb as several firemen jumped out to control the inferno that I’d caused, one of them spotted us and walked over to inquire.

“Is there anyone inside?” he asked urgently, I shook my head no before slumping my shoulders “what happened?” he asked as he pulled out a note pad to record our conversation.

“My husband pocket dialed me as he was fucking an immigrant, it’s my birthday and I took out the trash. It is legal to burn trash on your property, is it not?” I replied being an ass hole

“Ma’am no need for sarcasm, I’m just doing my job. I’m sorry about your husband’s infidelity and yes it is legal to burn trash. However, it is very illegal to destroy someone else’s property” he said- I swallowed the lump inside of my throat as he looked at me like an angry parent

“It did not get pass the front yard and nobody was hurt, what are the consequences going to be?” Jessica asked kicking into lawyer mode

“I will have to check with my chief, but I’m sure there will be a charge of reckless burning in the second degree if the city picks it up” he said before walking off.

“What does that mean Jessica?” I asked with my eye brows knitted in confusion.

“It’s a misdemeanor, you may end up with probation or community service- Rashaad just pulled in” she said while rolling her eyes. I whipped my head into the direction that she was looking in and sure enough my dog ass husband was getting out of his car feigning concern.

“Reign behave, you are already in enough trouble as it is” she warned, I assured her that I was not going to show my ass as I walked over towards him.

“Honey, what happened?” he asked when I reached him

I could do nothing more than stare at him in awe, I couldn’t believe that he was acting like the thoughtful husband instead of a cheating, lying ass bastard. “Reign are you okay?” he asked me slowly

“You don’t have to speak slowly for me to understand you, I’m not the immigrant that you just had your dick in” I snapped before walking off.

I stood near the fire chief and waited for him to finish speaking to one of his men.

“Ma’am this could have really gotten out of hand” he scolded me

“Yes sir, I know and I apologize”

“I’m not going to have you arrested… however, look forward to hearing from the city; they will most likely pick this case up” he informed me, I thanked him as he tipped his hat and walked off.

“Reign, you have to talk to me… what the hell were you outside burning and why are you all dressed up?” He asked me as causing my blood pressure to rise instantly.

“I was burning your shit and I’m dressed up because it’s my fucking birthday! “I screamed as he stood there looking like a dumb ass

“Babe, I am so sorry-“he tried to apologize as my hand went up to stop him

“Save that shit, in fact you can head on back over to the bitch you just left. You didn’t even have the decency to remove her lipstick from your collar” I said as I utilized the little self-control remaining within me

I really wanted to smack the shit out of him. He looked down at his collar as his shoulders slumped in defeat, I rolled my eyes and proceeded towards my front door.

I felt bad as I looked at my once beautiful lawn, it was now charred to a crisp. When I got to the front door Rashaad tried to follow me inside,

“Where do you think that you’re going?” I asked him as I held the screen door closed

“Now I can’t even come inside of the house that I live at Reign? This shit is ridiculous, how about you get some rest and we talk about this in the morning” he suggested

“Oh I plan to get some rest; alone… you are not welcomed inside of this house anymore, all of your things are on the lawn; enjoy your evening” I said as I walked inside, leaving him there looking stupid.

Once the door was closed I released the breath that I’d been holding, it took all that was in me to not let him come inside. One thing that I had to admit was the fact that it felt good to stand up for myself. For years I have been Reign; Rashaad’s wife. I wanted to see what it felt like to be an individual, and unfortunately I was being forced to learn that feeling. I finally decided to take off the white teddy that I was wearing, it was ruined and in the midst of my drunken rage I never thought about the neighbors seeing my goodies until now. Running the shower as hot as I could stand it, I stepped inside. I let the water flow over my head ruining my hair, my tears mixed with the stream as I promised myself that these would be the last tears I shed for that man…

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