Love After Divorce(10)

By: Ashley Marie

“definitely had to be a coincidence, I do not do too much stalking now days” he responded flashing a dimple that I had not noticed before

“well thank God for small miracles” I flirted, the drinks I consumed prior to dancing had me with a loose tongue and I liked it, I flagged the bartender down and asked her for another Lemon Drop

“got ya ma, what you having Mike” she asked using his first name

“Give me a Heineken” he said with a smile, she shook her head in understanding and went over to prepare our drinks

“I see someone is a regular” I said before looking off in search of Jessica whom I had left on the dance floor

“yeah, I am here pretty often” he said plainly

“that’s what’s up I guess, I am not really a clubber” I said honestly

“me neither actually” he said making eye contact with me as Jessica walked up to us

“Girl I was out there getting it honey” she said as she asked the bartender to make her another drink “oh hey, Michael right” she asked

“yes, how are you Jessica” he asked

“I am doing well, honey these men and this pink romper has been trouble tonight boo boo” she said as she plopped her thick ass onto the barstool causing Michael and I laughed at her

“would you like to step into my VIP booth with me” he asked

“I would but I came with Jess, I cant just leave her out here alone” I reasoned

“the hell you can’t, I am fine honey and besides I am about to let one of these twenty five year olds buy my some Waffle House after the club closes” she said as she took her drink and went into her clutch to pay

“tab is cleared mama” the bartender said as she used her rag to wipe down the bar top

“thanks” Jessica said after Michael nodded his head at her, she placed her card back into her clutch and walked back towards the dance floor. I stood up and adjusted my dress as I followed behind Michael to his VIP area. The décor of the place was very pretty, there was a chandelier that hung over a white sectional that had a purple ottoman in the middle, three parts of the section was closed off with a thick black curtain creating an intimate feel

“ this club is really nice, I am happy that I let Jess talk me into coming” I said as I sat down and crossed my legs

“I am as well” he said sitting beside me

“how long have you been coming here” I inquired

“since it opened almost two years ago” he took a sip from his glass with his eyes peering into mine

“wow, must really be a cool spot” I said as I looked around at the people blowing hookahs

“I actually own this place Reign” he said while laughing “ you wear your thoughts on your face” he said as he continued to laugh at me

“I do, what did my expression say” I asked him curiously

“ this man is in the club too often, he is looking to smash; keep it pushing” he said attempting to sound like a female

“is that supposed to be my voice” I asked as I tucked my hair behind my ear

“yes, what did you think… I have been working on my acting skills” he said as he cleared his throat

“it was a little pitchy, keep working at it” I offered, we sat and talked for another thirty minutes or so before I told him that I needed to get back to Jessica. He agreed and walked with me back into the common area of the club. I saw Jessica near the stage grinding up on a tall light skinned man as the DJ played “love in this club”

“I guess she’s found her date to the Waffle House” I said over my shoulder

“naw, that nigga gone take her to I-HOP the way she working it” he said as he tried to dodge the pinch I was about to deliver to his shoulder

“shut up, she is not that bad” I said as I turned around to see her sanwhiched in between two men, I told Michael that I would be right back as I walked towards her

“excuse me Ms. Jessica Gardner, Attorney at Law … what the hell are you doing” I asked as I pulled down the hem of her dress

“hey girl, where you been” she asked as she turned around, she was sweaty and looked as if she had way too much to drink

“how many drinks have you had Jess” I asked her in a concerned tone

“Three or four but then I took half a Mollie with my new friend Carter” she said as she grabbed onto the younger man’s arm

“you took a what” I practically yelled at her

“stop screaming Reign” she said as she covered her ears and swayed slightly, I looked behind me and waved Michael over

“what’s up Jess” he asked as he approached us

“calm down ma, she only took a half; she good” the young looking nigga tried to reassure me

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