Learning to Be Little Again(6)

By: Meredith O Reilly

I nodded my head.

“Well, you should have told me and we could have taken a break, or I could have talked you through what’s going to happen.”

“S-sorry,” I said, beginning to cry a little harder. I couldn’t believe how much of a fool I must look like.

“There is absolutely no need for you to be sorry. Here, why don’t you have a juice box and hold this teddy bear I got for you,” he said, first handing me an apple juice box that already had the straw in it and then handing me a teddy bear.

I took both and hugged the teddy bear close, then started to drink. I don’t know if it was the sugary taste of the juice or the soft bear, but I started to feel better. I stopped crying, then momentarily closed my eyes and tried to take some deep breaths to calm down.

“There you go, sweetie. Try keeping your eyes closed, and I’ll tell you a short story while I continue your exam.”

I nodded, not opening my eyes as I pulled the teddy bear closer to me.

“Once upon a time, there was a princess. This princess was beautiful, with black curly hair and rich chocolate-brown eyes. She had such an adventurous spirit. She liked to ride her horse, Marcus, all over the land that her parents owned. She loved the feel of the wind in her hair and the freedom, as though nothing could control her. But one day, she fell in love with a knight, who was actually an ogre in disguise.”

As Robert was telling me this story, I pictured the princess in my head. I imagined that she wore a dress just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. As I was picturing the dress, Robert gently pulled my legs apart.

“This ogre ended up hurting the princess a great deal, and the ogre made the princess lose her courage. Since the princess lost her courage, she didn’t ride her horse anymore because she was too afraid. That made both the princess and Marcus very sad.”

I felt horrible for the princess. I could understand why she was afraid, but she should get over her fear. She couldn’t let the mean ogre get away with making her scared for the rest of her life. I winced, feeling an uncomfortable feeling in my pussy, but ignored it as Robert continued his story.

“Just as the princess gave up all hope that she would ever ride again, she met a prince. This prince saw how afraid she was, yet behind those big brown eyes of hers, he could see that she had an adventurous spirit. So, ever so carefully, he started to help her.”

I imagined what the prince would look like. For some reason, the picture of Robert in the outfit that the Beast wore when he dressed up in Beauty and the Beast, popped into my mind. I sighed as the uncomfortable feeling left my pussy.

“The prince praised the princess when she succeeded in doing something and he gave her a little spank on her bottom when she didn’t. Before the princess could believe it, her courage was back and she was riding Marcus once again. The end.”

I opened my eyes and realized that Robert was all done with the story and my exam.

“You can sit up now, Juliana. I just have a few questions that I have to ask you for my files, but otherwise, we’re done.”

“But what about the princess?” I asked sitting up, not letting go of my teddy bear or my finished juice box. Robert hadn’t finish the story and I wanted him to.

“What about her? She got over her fear. That was the point of the story,” he said, pushing the stirrups back into the table and putting the light away.

“Did the princess and prince ever get married?” I asked, adjusting the gown so it covered all of me.

“Oh. Yes, they did and they ended up having several children together and living happily ever after in their castle.”

“Now it’s the end,” I said happily, handing my empty juice box to him when he held his hand out for it.

“Would you like another juice box? I have more apple juice or grape, if you’d prefer.”

“Grape, please.”

He handed me another juice box and I began drinking it as he sat down in front of the computer again. Then he asked me a bunch of standard doctor questions, and when he finished, he told me he needed to take a few vials of my blood to run some tests.

“I don’t like shots,” I said matter-of-factly as he wrapped the tourniquet around my arm. He cleaned a spot on my arm and then got a needle and a vial ready.

I squeezed my teddy bear closer to me to try and not make me worry so much.

“Don’t worry, Juliana. It’s only going to hurt a tiny bit, I promise. Close your eyes and give your teddy a big hug.”

I did as he told me and had to fight back a whimper when I felt the pinch in my right arm.

“All done, Juliana,” he said, and I opened my eyes to see that he had put a Hello Kitty band aid where he’d taken my blood.

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