Learning to Be Little Again(5)

By: Meredith O Reilly

“Just relax. I’m not going to hurt you,” he says as he cups both of my swollen breasts. “Hmmm… these feel perfect to me. Now let’s test those nipples.” He runs his thumbs over them and they instantly bead up, sending a shock to my core. “Perfect. Now let’s move on to the rest of your body.”

For the next several minutes, he checks my entire body. With each caress, more tremors are sent to my pussy, making me start to squirm.

“Now, I just have to do a vaginal inspection. If you could please rest your feet on these stirrups?” he says, guiding them to their intended spots.

I take a deep breath in as he pulls a light to the end of the exam table and clicks it on.

“Good color, easily wet.” He starts to trace his finger on the outside of my labia, making my pussy quiver and drip. “Very sensitive. Now all that’s left to do is check your orgasm response.”

“My what?” I begin to ask, sitting up, but falling back as his fingers touch my swollen and sensitive clit.

I try to fight the orgasm, not wanting him to think poorly of me for being so turned on by a little exam from an attractive doctor.

“Don’t fight it, Juliana. Come for me,” he demands, and my treacherous body listens, forcing an orgasm through me after months of never coming.

I was pulled out of my fantasy when I heard knocking at the door. “Juliana? Are you okay in there?”

It’s at that moment that I realized my right hand was drenched in my juices as my body continued to feel small aftershocks from the orgasm. How did I not notice my hand was in my pants?


“I… yes. One more minute!” I said, hurrying to finish undressing and to get into my gown. I quickly folded my clothes, making sure to hide my panties at the bottom of the pile because they’re drenched.

I sat on the table and tried to catch my breath. This was so embarrassing! I hadn’t been able to orgasm for months, and suddenly my mind decides to take control. I was going to be humiliated if Robert came in and knew what I just unintentionally did.

“Juliana, are you ready now?”

“Yes,” I squeaked, hoping he wouldn’t be able to detect the scent on my panties since they were at the bottom of the pile.

The door swung open and Robert stepped inside and then closed the door behind him. When he turned to face me again, he sniffed the air, and then gave me a confused look, closely followed by a smirk.

Within seconds though, his face was blank as he said, “Alright. Now, I’m going to just do a quick exam of your body to make sure everything feels right, and then I’ll do a vaginal exam. Sound good?”

I nodded, hoping he wouldn’t be able to tell what I’d just done.

“Lie back, please.”

I did, trying to relax. Having a fantasy about a hot doctor was one thing, but now that he was going to actually exam me, I began to panic. He walked closer to me until he was right at the side of the exam table.

“Juliana, I’m going to untie your gown and do a breast and abdomen exam. Tell me if you’re uncomfortable at all.”

I nodded and then he untied the sash of my gown. I closed my eyes as I felt his hands gently grab and squeeze my breasts. He did that for about five seconds on each one, and then he moved down and felt my abdomen. I opened my eyes to see that he was just staring at the wall. He wasn’t even looking at me. That made me relax slightly.

Then he took a step back. “Okay, Juliana, you can close your gown now.”

As I did that, he pulled out two stirrups from the bottom of the exam table.

“Okay, Juliana, please place your feet in these,” he said, pulling a light towards the end of the table.

Placing my feet in the stirrups, I watched as he grabbed some lube and spread it on a speculum. Just like that, the small amount of calm I was beginning to feel was forgotten and it was once again replaced by a large helping of fear.

He sat down in his chair and rolled over to my open legs. “Okay, Juliana. All I want you to do is just relax. If you feel at all uncomfortable at any time, let me know right away.”

“O-okay,” I said, lying back. I felt so open and exposed to him, and I wanted to laugh because this was just what I had fantasied about. But now that it was actually happening, I was ready to run screaming for the hills.

I felt the first tear slide down my face as I closed my eyes, waiting for the exam to begin.

I waited for what felt like an eternity when Robert said, “Baby girl, open your eyes.”

I did and saw him staring down at me, a look of concern in his eyes. I didn’t know why, but the look on his face made me cry harder.

“It’s okay, Juliana. You’re okay,” he said, wiping the tears from my face with a tissue. “Don’t you remember, I told you to tell me if you were uncomfortable.”

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