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Johnny (Connelly Cousins #2)

Abbie Zanders
The Connelly Cousins, Volume 2


Cover design by Kim Killion of The Killion Group, Inc.

Professional editing by the incomparable M. E. Weglarz of, a woman with a true gift for spotting plot holes, character anomalies, black holes, and other potential WTFs. Thank you, Meg, from the bottom my heart.

And special thanks to some very special ladies – Deb B., Anjee Z., Shelly S., Carol T., Tonya B., Susan J., Perryne D., Carla S., and Shayne R (and a few of you who prefer to remain unnamed – you know who you are) - for reading the first draft and making invaluable suggestions. This is a better story because of them!

About This Book

Johnny is the second book of the standalone Connelly Cousins Trilogy.

Many of you might recognize him from his occasional cameo appearances in my popular Callaghan Brothers series. That’s because the Connellys are cousins to the boys in Pine Ridge, and live just over the river in the small valley town of Birch Falls.

If you’re keeping track, Johnny is the older brother of Celina (Book 1). Their mother, Erin, and the Callaghan matriarch, Kathleen, are sisters.

So sit back, relax, and come along with me for another visit to Northeastern Pennsylvania...

Chapter One

“She’s coming – I can’t believe it!” Lina squealed as she hung up the phone, throwing herself into her husband’s strong arms. Kyle caught her in an embrace easily and kissed her forehead. In the few short months they’d been married, he’d become accustomed to his wife’s sudden bursts of exuberance, and was less likely to become a casualty of her fierce hugs, despite the fact that his large, muscular frame dwarfed her small, womanly one.

“I’m glad, baby,” he chuckled as she wiggled in his arms. He loved the feel of her, all of her soft feminine curves pressing into him. She fit so perfectly there, as if she had been custom made specifically for him and him alone. Just the thought of how well they fit together in other ways made him want to deepen the kiss, to lose himself in the feel and taste of her.


“Next week,” she told him. “She’s flying in on Wednesday. We can hang out in town for a few days, then I thought I’d take her up to the cabin for the weekend. Can you get off?”

Kyle gave her a sexy smile, grinding his hips against her suggestively. “I can’t believe you just asked me that.”

Lina laughed and kissed him. “You know what I mean, Kyle. Does Mo need you to work next weekend?”

A frown crossed over his handsome features. “I might have to, baby. Got a couple of big shots waiting on me.”

Kyle designed and built custom motorcycles for people all over the country. He was one of the best, and his unique skills were always in high demand. Now that he wasn’t working as many late nights – thanks to his new wife providing one hell of an incentive not to – he was busier than ever during the daylight hours.

“I am so proud of you, Kyle,” she said with so much love in her eyes it almost hurt. “You are so good at what you do, it’s no wonder you’re so busy.”

She kissed him tenderly, and he deepened it. He’d never really cared what anyone thought, but the fact that she was proud of him filled him with a sense of warmth and purpose, made him feel like a better man than he was. She loved him wholly, completely, without exception. Just as he loved her.

“It’ll probably work out for the best anyway. Stacey said she’s hit a few snags with her current book. Maybe some time alone up there will help her get past her block.”

“She’s a writer, huh?”

“Not just any writer. The best.” Lina glowed with pride for her friend. It was one of the many things Kyle loved about her. She was genuinely happy when other people did well.

“Are you going to introduce her to Amy?” Amy was a good friend of Lina’s, and owned a thriving bookstore in Birch Falls.

“Oh, definitely. But Stace doesn’t do public appearances, so it’ll all be very hush-hush.” A shadow crossed Lina’s features, and as always, Kyle wanted to make it disappear. Shadows had no place on a face as lovely as hers.

“Well, I’m sure I can at least take the time to head up after work on Friday. We can spend the night, get her all set up, then come back early Saturday morning. How’s that?”

“Perfect,” she said, rocking her hips against him. “Just like you.”

Kyle sucked a breath through his teeth. Another thing he loved about Lina, she was so easy to please.

“You,” he said huskily, grasping her hips as she found her rhythm, “are either an angel sent from heaven or the daughter of the devil himself. I can’t decide which.” She laughed as Kyle growled and carried her off to the bedroom.


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