His to Have (A Claimed Story Book 2)

By: Jade Sinner


This book contains situations involving dubious consent and physical restraint. These situations can be triggers for some readers and erotic for others. If you’re willing to refrain from judging these characters until you’ve finished their story, we promise to make the ending worth your time.

Enjoy at your own risk. You have been warned.

To everyone with secret submission fantasies...

we promise not to tell

People try to keep their information secret, but they don’t succeed.

She didn’t.

She’s in the public eye, available to everyone with the flip of a switch. Turn on the TV and there she is—Erika fucking Ellis. She should have known better, have been more careful. She should have taken precautions.

She didn’t.

Her carelessness pisses me off, infuriates me. Yet without it, where would we be?

She let down her guard and spoke without thinking.

Obtaining bits and pieces of her life story takes time, but as my cock aches for her pussy, I know the patience will be worth the reward. The process isn’t difficult. It’s as simple as standing near her in the coffee shop line.

“Name for the order?” the barista asks.

Suddenly her name is not only announced, but written across her cup.

“Telephone number?” the man at the dry cleaner’s asks.

There it is.

Seven digits that open a wealth of information.

The rest is easy. An Internet search, not even one as comprehensive as done by law enforcement, and much of her information is at my fingertips, just like her hard nipples will soon be.

I dig more.

“Ma’am, can you confirm your date of birth?” With a slight change to my voice, I become a telemarketer in need of confirming her account.

Simple questions that in her preoccupied world she answers without thought. Her recklessness is her downfall, and while I appreciate it, I plan to punish her for it. If I could learn all of this, so could anyone—someone, another man. That thought fills me with rage propelling my blood downward, away from rational thought, and straight to my dick. It’s painfully hard with the need to take her, mark her, and make her mine. After all, she is. She always has been. I just need to make her accept it.

My cock stays perpetually hard as I patiently plan—day after day, week after week—following, listening, and paying attention. Most of the time she doesn’t even notice me. The way she often ignores me, as if I’m not her future, present, and past, pushes my desire. I hang on every word, every opportunity. Sometimes she walks past me as if I’m not there but other times, she smiles and even says a word or two. I live for those moments, knowing there will be so many more in our future.

There isn’t any question in my mind. With every fiber of my body, I know she wants me too. When our eyes meet or we touch as she brushes past me in a crowded diner, I feel her desire. The connection, no matter how small, is like lightning, radiating off of her like heat from the sun, filling the air and causing my dick to swell.

In one such encounter, we stand face to face and her pink tongue darts to her lips. I understand what her words can’t say. It’s her silent acceptance of what will be. Soon, that tongue will dance with mine. Soon, it will lick my cum as she kneels at my feet.

I know her wants and needs. I’ve seen her accounts—the books she reads and the videos she watches on her Tumblr account. No wonder she sometimes seems aloof. She has desires and fantasies that have gone unfulfilled.

Her loneliness is about to end. But like everything in our future, the timing is up to me. I’m the only man for the job.

She’s a public figure, and it fucking pisses me off that she stars in other men’s wet dreams. It’s her perceived availability. But that’s all it is—a perception. She doesn’t belong to them, not to any of them. It’ll be my cum she showers in, and my cock that pounds into her tight, wet pussy. I’ll be the one to bind her and control her. No one else will take my woman to ecstasy. No one else will bring her desires to life—no one but me.

The first day she looked my way and spoke to me, the day our connection forged, I knew we were meant to be together. I’ve worked my way into her predictable world and yet she has no idea of my plans. Her combination of ignorance and arrogance fuels my desire. Erika thinks she has control, she thinks she calls the shots, but it’s an illusion. My cock threatens to explode as I envision what is in her future—in our future.

Staring through the lens at the screen before me, I watch as her tits bounce and her perfect white teeth shine surrounded by those full, glossy, red lips. My teeth clench at the sound of her laughter. How am I supposed to keep the camera steady as she giggles at something her co-anchor says? The man in makeup beside her is a prick. He doesn’t deserve her laughter or her words.

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