His Ultimate Prize(143)

By: Maya Blake

His eyes widened and he stopped breathing. ‘You want to stay in León? With me?’

Her heart in her throat, she nodded. ‘Our child deserves two parents who don’t live in separate countries.’

Disappointment fleeted over his face. ‘You’re right.’

‘Our child also deserves parents who love each other.’

Pain darkened his eyes. ‘I intend to do everything in my power to earn your love again, Sasha.’

She shrugged, her heart in her throat. ‘You’ll need to focus your energies on other things, Marco. Because I love you.’

He sucked in a breath. ‘You...love me...?’

‘Yes,’ she reiterated simply. ‘I knew in León, even though I’d convinced myself it wouldn’t work.’

‘I didn’t exactly make it easy. I felt my life unravelling and I got desperate.’

Shock rocked through her. ‘Was that why you sold the team?’

He grimaced. ‘Rafael’s accident and your near-collision in Korea convinced me it was time to get out of racing. But I managed to bulldoze my way through that too. I also may have left a tiny detail out regarding your firing.’


‘The sale contract included a stipulation that you were to have first refusal of the lead driver’s seat. If you wanted it.’

Lifting loving hands, she cradled his face. ‘Didn’t you read Tom’s press release last week?’

‘What press release?’

‘I’ve retired from motor racing.’

He frowned. ‘What about your promise to your father?’

‘He would’ve been proud that I helped you win the Constructors’ Championship. But what he really wanted was for me to be happy.’

‘And are you?’

‘Tell me you love me again and I’ll let you know.’

‘I am deeply, insanely in love with you, Sasha Fleming, and I can’t wait to make you mine.’

She flung the letter away and slid her arms around his neck. ‘Then, yes, I’m ecstatically happy.’

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