Halloween Treats(9)

By: Alexa Riley

“I’ll do my best.” With that we say our goodbyes, and I rest against the wall, taking in a few deep breaths. I’m trying to calm myself and just breathe.

I catch Samantha out of the corner of my eye, talking rather closely to a man I can’t make out from here. When she breaks away I can’t help but notice the smile on her face. I wonder what that’s about. Samantha only ever gives the all-business face I know too well. I’m great at that face too. Sometimes Samantha will toss in a knowing smirk, like she’s three steps ahead of the rest of us, and that’s the scariest one of all.

When she finally reaches me, she wastes no time snapping her fingers, making her red-haired assistant pop out of nowhere. Her girl is eager and ready to take orders from the calm, cool, and collected Samantha.

“She needs dark red lipstick to make her lips really pop, but keep the eye makeup light and simple,” Samantha says.

I notice she’s got vampire teeth in, and it kind of freaks me out for a second. They aren’t the big plastic ones. Instead she’s wearing the ones that mold to your teeth, making them look almost real. It’s really the only thing that’s out of place on her for the Halloween-themed auction. All of the girls here are dressed up, so I’m anxious to see what my costume is going to be.

Her assistant grabs me by the wrist and hauls me towards a makeup station. She starts to do as directed, and I see Samantha follow behind us, pulling out her phone and typing away on it before pocketing it again.

“The wings?”

“On the second rack to the right,” Red says instantly, not pausing in her task of applying my makeup.

Samantha's back in a moment, holding what looks like angel wings in her hand.

“I’m an angel?” For some reason I thought I would be something naughtier. Maybe a schoolgirl or sexy cop or a slutty nurse. I’m not sure why this disappoints me. When I was out with Tiff a few days ago and she gave me a quick makeover, I felt different. I felt a little more confident in myself, and I wanted to have a little of that today while I’m onstage.

“Yes, it will work perfectly.” I wait for Samantha to say more, but she doesn’t and I don’t ask. I should’ve known that tactic wouldn’t work on her.

“Done,” the redhead says, but before I can thank her she’s gone to work on another woman's makeup.

“Where is the rest of it? All I’ve been given is this robe and a white thong. There's more than the thong and wings right?” I joke, but then think that really might be all there is for the costume, because I’m here to sell my body after all.

“Of course not.”

Samantha turns walking over to a cabinet pulling out a pair of high heels. When she hands them to me I can't help but stare at them. They’re beautiful four inch heels completely covered in diamond rhinestones that match the jewels that line the angel wings. I quickly strap them on like they might disappear right before my eyes.

“I wanted to check with you one more time about the virgin thing.”

Samantha‘s words pull me away from dreamily admiring my heels.

“What about it? I thought we went over that already?”

“Well, a woman's first time should be handled with care, and if the winner isn’t made aware of this before he takes you for the first time it might cause a problem. Virgins are supposed to have their first coupling here on the property, and your contract holder might not agree to that if he doesn't know. He’s not required to have your first time together be in one of our rooms to monitor for safety. And let’s not forget, virgins make a fortune out there.”

I wonder if that’s the problem. That this is cutting into her bottom line, the more money I rake in, the more money she makes off her ten percent. She really should just call it a finder’s fee. That’s what Samantha does; she finds the women for men.

“Is this about the money?” I ask, cutting right to the chase. I don’t want to beat around the bush; we are on a time crunch here and I’m not sure I want to go out there if she’s going to admit to everyone here that I’m a twenty-five-year-old virgin. It’s embarrassing and I’m already barely holding onto my confidence as it is. I’m surrounded by eight other beautiful women who have bodies that will play seductress better than I will. I’m not built with dips and curves in all the right places, I’m tall and lean and barely fill out a B cup. We should be focusing on getting me a push up bra right now, and not about my V card. This was settled days ago or so I thought.

“While most things are about the money Mandy, I just want to make sure you know what you’re doing. My girl’s safety and wellbeing always come first. That’s why I had the Virgin Clause implemented to begin with, but since you’re waiving that protection, I just want to be certain you’re okay with it.”

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