Halloween Treats(6)

By: Alexa Riley

“You know, we could always use some extra help around the casino. Maybe I should get her number just in case she ever decides to leave.”

“Yes.” It was all I could say. The thought of having some connection to her made me start to think. Maybe I could somehow lure her away. Maybe somehow I could get her to talk to me, and then I could make her see. See what, though? I doubt a stunning woman like her would have anything to do with someone like me. But I’m a selfish bastard and I play dirty. “Get her number. I’ll take care of this personally.”

“Perfect,” Cupid confirms, and then I hear him tapping away on his phone.

I shake off the memory, hating that I didn’t act sooner. Instead I just called her number to hear her voice on the phone before quickly hanging up. I was terrified. What would I say to a woman like her? My tastes are dark, and so are my desires. I didn’t know then how to tell her what I want to do to her. I thought bringing her into my casino and making her work with me would give me the opportunity to see if we could be together in that way. I had hoped that after thirty days of working with her, I would have found out if she could handle my demands.

But after a month together, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t ruin her with my desires. I tried every day to control the beast inside me, but seeing her, smelling her sweetness, I wanted to ruin her. It didn't matter if she met my needs, I had to find a way for it to work.

She complained that I micromanaged her, that I was always hovering over her. It’s true, and it’s because I couldn’t stand to be more than a few feet from her. Having her in my office drove me insane, but if she wasn’t in my sights, I would go crazy.

The Snake Eyes specializes in more selective needs for a more selective clientele. We have rooms outfitted for your kinkiest desires, and knowing what could happen if Mandy went to the wrong room had me on edge. What if she saw something that disgusted her, and then she never came back? What if she went into one of our group rooms and decided I was some kind of sexual pervert? I couldn’t risk it, so I kept her under lock and key while she was working for me. Her room was right next to mine, and I had cameras installed in hers so I could watch her, despite her being just on the other side of the wall from me.

I should probably feel guilty about that, but not an inch of me does. Especially not the ten inches in my pants. I can’t tell you how many times I watched her sleep. Just sleep. I must really be fucked up in the head if watching her sleep turns me on.

But some nights she did more than sleep.

The first night she touched herself, I was taken by surprise. I was sitting in my home office, and all three monitors on my desk were showing Mandy laid out on her bed. I installed these cameras myself, and I was the only one with the feed. I didn’t want anyone else to see her like this, it was just for me.

She was hot that night, and it may have had something to do with me setting the temperature in her room to the eighties. I wanted to see her sweat and possibly remove some clothes in an effort to cool down. What I saw her do was far more than I bargained for.

I sit back in my chair and take a sip of my vodka. Most men my age drink some kind of dark liquor, but I never developed a taste for it, preferring vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon. Sipping the cold drink, I feel it run down my throat and warm my chest. I watch as she pushes the covers off her completely, exposing her body and trying to cool off. The cameras are high definition and have night vision, but I still can’t see everything I want. As if I were there. I lick the rim of my glass, tasting the tartness of the lemon, imagining I’m licking it off her soft skin.

Mandy’s dressed in nothing but a t-shirt and panties. I watch as she rolls over onto her back and sighs with frustration. I smile to myself, thinking I should probably adjust her temperature, but I just want to torture her a little longer.

Suddenly, I see her hand run over her stomach and down into her panties.

“Fuck.” I nearly choke on my vodka. I slam my glass down on my desk and sit up to get a closer look at the monitors. I was half-hard just sitting there watching her lie there in her underwear, but now that I’m seeing her do more, I’m at full attention.

I scoot to the edge of my chair, undoing my belt and unzipping my slacks. There’s no way I’m not jerking off with her. I pull out my cock and feel its weight in my hand. I watch closely as she sneaks her hand down the front of her panties, and I see her fingers start to move. Up and down her panties go, the rubbing motion making it clear what she’s doing.

Her long slim legs are spread wide as her other hand joins the party. I can only imagine one is spreading her sweet lips while the other strums her clit. She must be in such need to rub one out right now. God, how I wish I could take care of that need for her.

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