Game For Love(84)

By: Mara Jacobs

He paused. Marlee was sure it was for dramatic effect. Damn him—it was dramatic enough, just get on with it!

“The ball is in your possession, Marlee. It’s first down, baby, and it’s your play to call.”

She could see the movement of his arm as he reached for the remote and then the screen went black.

She didn’t even bother turning off the TV. She was already running through the house to the kitchen, where she gathered up her coat, keys, and purse, and then on to the garage.

And to Declan.


In the end, they found they had a major issue that they had totally opposing views on.

The size of their wedding.

Marlee wanted something small, just close friends and family. Declan wanted to announce to the world that he was marrying Marlee.

One week after their tearful reunion     at Gino’s, with Gino himself crying the loudest as Declan got down on one knee and properly proposed to an accepting Marlee, the football coach at Boston College called Declan.

Boyd Parson and Declan had been teammates at Ohio State and had kept in touch over the years, especially once Declan had moved to Boston. Boyd offered Declan a position as offensive coordinator with Boston College. He was almost apologetic in his offering, assuming that someone of Declan’s stature would never want to stoop as low as an assistant to a near-bottom-of-the-conference team.

Declan was ecstatic and, after discussing it with Marlee, quickly accepted Boyd’s offer. It would still mean being on the road in the fall and during recruiting season, but it would put Declan back in the locker room, back on a team.

Marlee knew this was the right choice for Declan. He was already so happy to be going off to work every morning. And coming home to her every night.

“You know,” Declan began one night as they lay side by side in bed, worn out from an especially exerting lovemaking session where Declan had tried to demonstrate to a very willing Marlee the advantages of a zone defense. “Those tapes falling into the wrong hands was the best thing that ever happened to us.”

Remembering the humiliation she felt at Duke and the chastising from that windbag Thornton Grant, Marlee said, “I wouldn’t go that far.” But she chuckled. He was probably right.

Declan flipped her over to her back and began arousing her all over again, “Well, darlin’,” he drawled. “Just how far would you go?”

Marlee, never able to get enough of Declan, proceeded to show him. “All the way to the end zone, darlin’.”



A very heartfelt thank you to Bella Andre for letting me play in her Game For Love world.

We definitely share a love of alpha sports heroes and I’m very honored to participate in the launch of the Game For Love Kindle World.

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