Forever and a Day(110)

By: Jill Shalvis

I flipped up my laptop and opened a new document. “Tell me your story, Miss Donovan. From the moment of your rescue.”

And that was how I began to write the love story of Meg Donovan, the long-lost Donovan sister.

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Jennifer Haymore

From the desk of Jill Shalvis

Dear Reader,

Ever feel like you’re drowning? In FOREVER AND A DAY, my hero, Dr. Josh Scott, is most definitely drowning. He’s overloaded, overworked, and on the edge of burnout. He’s got his practice, his young son, his wheelchair-bound sister, and a crazy puppy. Not to mention the weight of the world on his shoulders from taking care of everyone in his life. He’s in so deep, saving everyone around him all the time, that he doesn’t even realize that he’s the one in need of saving. It would never occur to him.

Enter Grace Brooks. She’s a smart smartass and, thanks to some bad luck, pretty much starting her life over from scratch. Losing everything has landed her in Lucky Harbor working as Josh’s dog walker. And then as his nanny. And then before he even realizes it, as his everything. In truth, she’s saved him, in more ways than one.

Oh, how I loved watching the sure, steady rock that is Josh crumble, only to be slowly but surely helped back together again by the sexy yet sweet Grace.

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Happy reading,

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