For Her Protection(9)

By: Amber A Bardan

Her lips opened. A fine patch of dark hair dipped below the button of his shirt. Her gaze stuck there, her mind filling in the gaps. The way that patch would form a trail between his pecs, down his belly toward his—

“Charlize?” Bob asked.

She coughed and glanced up, looking straight past the caveman to Bob. “Sorry, Bob, I forgot I was expecting you.”

“Charlize, may I present Mr. Connor Crowe, of Crowe Security.”

He moved in her peripheral vision. She forced herself to look at him as if all her blood wasn’t coursing straight to her extremities—and other more sensitive places.

His gray-flecked, dark-blue eyes met hers, captured hers, made her want to either disappear or run toward them. She wasn’t sure which. He smiled, breaking the spell of his gaze. Cocky caveman grin would do that.

“Actually we’ve met.” Connor reached forward and clasped her hand in a mock-professional handshake. Mock, because when his fingers closed around hers he showed her the strength of his grip—showed her with restraint—then rubbed the skin on the back of her hand with his thumb.

She tugged her fingers away. “Let’s get to business shall we? My schedule is tight.”

Tight. She said the word and all Connor could think was tight. Yeah she’d be exquisitely tight wrapped around his—

Balls, what am I doing?

She’d walked in, rendering him as pitiful as she had that morning. Didn’t help she’d done fem-bot professional for work. A white shirt tucked into a skirt that narrowed to the knee then flared out with a hem. Geometric, just like the wide collar of her shirt that did nothing to hide the sweet, juicy perfection of her incredible tits. She’d completed her corporate armor with a pair of steel-framed glasses better suited for use as a murder weapon.

He wanted to tear her designer chainmail right off. See if she was hard or soft underneath.

“Well I’ve given Connor the overview. I’ll leave you two to it,” Bob said.

Connor grunted some kind of assent but Charlize gaped, hand half-raised as if Bob had just left her alone at Grandma’s with the wolf.

The door closed and her gaze snapped to his and those golden-amber eyes of hers spat at him again.

“Get a good enough look? I told you I’m busy.”

He smiled. He hadn’t even begun to get his fill. “Sure, just give me what you owe me and it’s all business, kitten.”

Her thick black lashes fluttered. “Owe you? I owe you nothing and this is my workplace. Call me Ms. Halifax or, if you must, Charlize. Otherwise get out.”


“But you do owe me, Charlize. You owe me one great big apology.” He knew his grin pissed the hell out of her, he just didn’t care. Watching her get riled up was too much fun.

“You cheated,” she said, tossing her hair, which didn’t move, contained as it was in its bun.

“I don’t cheat.”

“Well you did. You didn’t tell me you were some kind of Karate champion, self-defense instructor. It was never a fair bet.”

He took a step toward her, well aware she’d have to tip her head back to maintain eye contact. “It’s Judo, and unfair is not the same as cheating. My entire point was that you challenge people whose capabilities you know nothing about. Ergo, I proved my point.” He leaned closer and whispered, “Ergo, I win.”

She smiled over her small white teeth. “Oh in that case, fine. I apologize, Mr. Crowe. I’m deeply, deeply sorry that you’re a Neanderthal and that it caused you offense to have it pointed out.”

She grinned, shallow smile lines turning her face into something so precious it almost hurt to look at her. A real smile. She enjoyed bantering with him. So she did have a sense of humor buried somewhere under all that sass.

This was going to be fun.

“Apology accepted. Let’s talk shop then.”

Her smile dropped and he repressed his laugh. Yeah this girl wanted to fight. Ached for it. He could smell it in the tension of her muscles. The way she jumped on any opening he gave her. He’d caught a sense of how things were for her when Bob showed him around. Too much stress and no play for the uptight she-cat. She needed either a heavy, sweaty fight or an earth-rocking orgasm. He knew which he’d rather deliver.


He shifted. Just thinking about this woman moaning breathlessly against him made him harden in his pants. Cabbage pizza, kidneys on toast… Yep she even had him resorting to tactics he’d used during his horny teen years.

“Perfect,” she said and took a step back, resting her pert round ass on her glass desk. “Why don’t you tell me what you can do for me?”

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