For Her Protection(10)

By: Amber A Bardan

He’d start by ripping her long, shapely legs right out of those pantyhose then he’d—

Spam and ice cream.

Ice cream trickling down the inside of her calf. Shit. He took a breath that expanded his chest. “Well I’d like to make a more comprehensive assessment, but as of now I’d like to call in my team. Get another three guards at the front and at least two more inside.”

She uncrossed her legs, enough surprise crossing her features to let him know she’d doubted his professionalism.

“Then there’s your antique security system, which needs an upgrade as soon as possible—considering the unsettled climate within the organization. I’d even suggest rethinking your IT security practices.”

Her lips pulled to the side and she nodded. “I was thinking that myself. I’m the CEO and I’m pretty sure my eight-year-old cousin could hack my computer.” She glanced up at him. “So how much would all this cost us?”

“I’ll put together a proposal.”

“Thanks, that would be helpful.” Her features softened.

His thoughts scattered again. Charlize all accessible really did send him Neanderthal. Just wanted to get her back over his shoulder but this time—

Damn better when she hisses.

“There’s one more thing. I heard there was some kind of attempted attack on you today?”

She snorted. “I wouldn’t call getting smacked upside the back of the head with a rock ‘attempted’ but—”

“What, you were actually hit?” His muscles contracted and he stalked toward her. “Were you hurt?”

She blinked, leaning farther back onto the desk. “I got a bump, that’s all.”

“That’s not acceptable. It won’t happen again. I’m placing you under personal protection until further notice.”

Charlize leaped up to stand straight, bringing her body flush with his. “You’re what? You can’t place me under your anything.”

He bent closer, tipping her chin with his finger. “I can. From now on you’ll have twenty-four-hour protection.”

Charlize jerked her chin away, her gaze narrowing. She studied him then her eyes widened again. “Oh I get it. And who protects me? You, Connor?”

She placed her palm on his chest and her touch branded him right through his shirt.

“Will you be protecting me 24/7?” Her hand ran to his shoulder and a half-smile teased the corners of her lips. “Let me guess, you’ll be with me night and day. Giving me your personal protection. Hell, I guess you’ll have to watch me sleep, watch me in the shower…”

A lump moved in his throat and raging breath blew out his nose.

“Is that right, Connor? Will you protect me so closely you’ll practically be inside me?”

A low growl rumbled in his throat and his hand covered hers, pressing it deeper against the fabric of his shirt as if her skin could dissolve the material.

“Yeah I thought so.” Her self-satisfied smile fizzled out as she met his gaze.

She’d played him but it looked as if she’d just figured this frying pan was a little too deep to crawl out of.

Chapter Four

She must be hungry for trouble today. Connor moved as if he were about to twitch right out of his skin. Charlize pressed herself against the desk. She’d told herself she was teaching him a lesson but who was she kidding? Really she just kept getting distracted by the throbbing of her pussy, pulsing against the seam of her pantyhose.

He inched closer until his hips were less than an inch away from hers. Crap. That throbbing in her pantyhose out-screamed every single other thing going on in her body. What a day to go without underwear. After the gym her panties had no longer felt clean, as damp as they were, and she’d forgotten to pack a fresh pair in her gym bag. Big mistake. She could feel the air touching her in a place that should be covered but remained vulnerable, covered only by a layer of sheer nylon hose.

He placed his hands on either side of her hips, caging her in. “No, Charlize. I’ll protect you because you can’t seem to do it yourself.”

The sweet spice of his breath touched her tongue when she inhaled—tempted her to stick it out, put it anywhere she could reach as long as it was on him.

“But if you want me inside you, all you got to do is ask, kitten. Ask and I’ll fill you—I’ll fill you so hard you’ll lose every thought in that tightly wound mind.”

Her chest heaved and her fast-pumping blood made her breasts heavy and her nipples hard, but worse it made her clit turn hypersensitive, as if she might come if she so much as rocked her hips the right way. Jesus, he didn’t need to fill her to make her mind unravel.

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