By: Jade Chandler

As I thought, she batted long lashes at Zayn, dressed in tight-fitting jeans I wished I could wear and full makeup. She was angling for more than good customer service, and by the spark in his eye, she might just get lucky.

The rest of the day was on fast-forward between the clients and trying to figure out how the shop ran. I only saw the guys a few times as they brought customers to me for check-out.

Dare appeared next to me before closing time. “Lock the door.” Dare surprised me. Why did he want me to lock up early?

I frowned up at him, pausing from counting my drawer. “We’ve got twenty minutes until close.”

He stood arms crossed, waiting for me to do as told, I guess. I strode over and flipped the sign before turning the two dead bolts on the door.

“Closing is simple, we clean our areas before we go, you make the front decent, close the register, lock up the deposit, and you’re done.”

This was much easier than my last job where I’d had to do the final sanitizing on all the stations and clean the floors. I understood why shops had to be more sterile than hospitals and hadn’t minded the work of sanitizing, but not being responsible for the workroom was a huge relief. I’d be out of here in minutes, not hours, which was great tonight because the first day kicked my ass. Totally.

“Z is already at Blue’s drinking beer, I’m headed over. You joining us?” The words were totally innocent, but his sexy undertone asked an entirely different question.

“Not tonight.” I laughed. “I feel like I’ve been run over.”

He frowned and parted his lips.

“It’s good, I just need a day or two to get the routine down and let my brain catch up. But, I’m ready to hit my bed tonight.”

The worst thing to say, ever.

A grin spread with a slow sexiness that hit me hard right in my already overstimulated parts. Dare might be a walking sex god who would enchant me if I didn’t leave fast. I hurried to the safe with the deposit, hoping he wouldn’t see the blush burning my cheeks.

“Next time,” he called to my back, a laugh in his voice.

I trudged up the stairs, tired from the ten-hour day. I hoped I wasn’t expected to work all the hours the shop was open. Why hadn’t I asked Dare? Instead, I’d almost invited him to my bed. Way to hold strong, Braham.

Inside, I kicked off my boots, undressed and slipped between the covers of my fifty-dollar blow-up mattress from Walmart. The mattress welcomed me like a million-dollar bed tonight. I fell asleep in seconds.

The next morning my alarm blared, and sun hit me in the face. Shit. I don’t want to wake up.

I groaned and smacked the alarm. My body ached, not from work yesterday, but in sexual frustration. All night, I’d dreamed of the sexy biker, but dating the boss was one screwup I planned not to repeat. Too messy. My job was too good to lose for a nice ass and the bluest eyes on earth.

I stepped into the hot shower and steam enveloped me.

Dare pulled tight on the knot binding my ankles. He’d created a maze of ropes across my torso, firm but not tight. When I moved, the ropes slid across my skin, my nipples. I arched back, unable to resist the sensations. He positioned me with my ass in the air and secured my hands to the bed in front of me before he fingered me.

In the shower, the images played over again in my mind while my fingers traveled to my pussy. The hot water beat on my sensitive breasts, my fingers plucked with purpose, and I climaxed, remembering the intense orgasm from my dream. Panting, I leaned against the wall. One day, only one day, and he’d invaded my dreams.

Between the long shower and fitful night, my morning routine took longer. Unable to speed up despite three cups of java, I managed to take almost an hour on my normal thirty-minute routine. I’d just picked up my trail of clothes from the night before when I glanced at the clock.

Damn. It was five minutes until noon, I was beyond late by my standards.

I almost ran out of the apartment and down the stairs, hurrying to hit the code and get set up for the day. Thankfully, our first appointment came in at two.

I walked in to foreign voices, and stopped a minute before I called out, “It’s Lila, the new girl.”

“Damn, girl, thought we’d have to open. You always late?” A gnarled guy well past thirty stared at me with beady eyes—snake eyes.

“Weasel, lay off the new girl, you old goat.” A Hispanic-looking guy with bulging muscles leaned against the doorway. “I’m Rock, the ornery one is Weasel and his old lady Angel is piercing a chick now.”

“Lila.” I frowned, worried I’d messed up already, missed an appointment, not even two days into my new job. “Great to meet y’all.”

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