By: Jade Chandler

“Love you, Red.” He growled the words.

“I love you, Dare.” I whispered the words into his back. I glanced up and saw we were about to the clubhouse. Finally, we parked. He helped me off the bike and held me close. My legs were weak and I stumbled, but he caught me.

“I got you,” he murmured.

“Stay close, I’m so far gone,” I whispered. “I can’t think.”

He squeezed me tight to him. The club was packed and people mingled everywhere. Dare led us through the crowd. We stopped and he tugged me into his lap. He pushed into my ass. My hips rocked, enjoying the feeling of his cock under me. People stopped and talked to me, but I could barely focus on the words. Suspended in this sea of sensation, I ached to rub my clit.

A hand squeezed my arm hard and I surfaced from the fog. Bear’s face was in front of me.

“You high, Mama?” His dark gaze flicked to Dare. “You okay?”

I shook my head. “No. I’m not okay. Or high.” I sighed. “Dare has me fucked up. Balls in my pussy and plug in my ass. I need to fuck him.”

Bear barked a laugh. “Brother, you are devious.” He gave Dare a high five and walked off.

I leaned back to stare up at him. Dare stared at me with satisfaction tattooed onto his face.

“Get this going or take me to bed.” I tried to glare at him, but he smiled wider.

In minutes I stood by Dare, his arm supporting me. I repeated the Jericho Brotherhood Oath, promising loyalty, courage and cunning.

Dare’s mouth scorched mine with his kiss. “Step back, Red.”

I stumbled back two steps, but he held my tank, and it ripped off. I stepped back and hands steadied me. I glanced over to a smiling Bear. I grinned at him and moved to my guy. He flipped me around, showing the club my shirt as he slipped the cut on me.

Shouts and whistles filled the room. Jericho gave us both a big hug. “You got anything to say, Mama?”

“Yeah, Dare needs to fuck me, now.”

Hoots and shouts echoed behind us as Dare carried me to his room. In seconds I was naked. Dare started to push me onto the bed.

“No, your turn.” I had a goal. Before I came again, Dare would scream with his own release.

“Red, after—”


He snarled.

He peeled off his jeans and I pushed him to the bed, falling to my knees. I brought his cock to my mouth and sucked him deep. I worked him up until he pushed into me with forceful drives.

“Here I come.” He panted the words.

My finger pushed his pucker and he moaned. I slid my finger inside him. With my first touch to that special gland, Dare’s hot fluids spurted in my mouth.

He bellowed his own pleasure from the top of his lungs, lunging into me with jerky movements.

“Woman, you drive me crazy.” He pulled me up until I lay across his chest. “I’m so lucky.” He kissed me. “I love you.”

* * * * *

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There are so many friends I want to acknowledge in helping me get here. Thank you to Angela James at Carina Press for reading and selecting Enough to publish, making my dream of being a published author come true. My critique partners, you know who you are, have helped me improve my writing and supported me as I learned about publishing. Some even read much sexier content than they normally do just to help me improve this book. I also can’t say how much I have appreciated my writing groups and the open community of romance writers in general.

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