Curse's Claim (Chaos Bleeds)(9)

By: Sam Crescent

I’m not going anywhere, baby.

She pulled out her writing pad. “What can I get you?” she asked.

He ordered a coffee and a burger while Ripper ordered half the menu and Judi settled on a salad.

Tapping his fingers on the counter, Curse watched her walk away. Her thighs looked so tempting as she bent over the counter to send off their orders.

“I think we know what’s going on between them.”

Mia left the room heading toward the bathroom.

Ignoring his friends, he went to the back of the room. Opening the toilet door, he saw Mia was washing her hands in the room.

“What do you want?” she asked, turning to face him.

“I fucked you without a condom.”

“I know. I’ll take care of it later. I’ve not had time to go to the pharmacy.”

“You’re not protected?”

“No. I’m clean. You’re the first man I’ve been with without a condom. I’ll deal with whatever happens.” She placed a hand on the edge of the sink and looked at him. “What else do you want?”

“You didn’t come last night.”

“So, I’ve learned that I don’t come with a lot of men. Don’t worry, Curse, you’re not the first man to leave me unsatisfied.” She took a step toward him, hands on hips.

“And you think this is over?”

“You got what you wanted. Move on, find another woman to fuck. I hear the club has an endless supply.” There was no emotion from her as she spoke.

“What happened between you and Ashley?”


She tensed up, folding her arms in front of her.

Flicking the lock in place, he stepped away from the door. He needed to find some other way of getting her alone. “You and Ashley are the same. Neither of you are jealous of the other. You never let anyone get close to you. She’s the same. Both of you have secrets.”

“Do you expect me to think that you’re a saint? The Chaos Bleeds crew makes extra money with the tit bar they keep open?” She smiled. “Please, I’m not a fool. Everyone has secrets.”

“Some people’s are darker than others,” he said, taking another step toward her. She didn’t back away. “How dark are your secrets?”

“You’re never going to find out.” She placed a palm on the center of his chest. “Back off, Curse. I’m not yours to buy or to have.”

“Do you really think I’ll let another man have you? You’re mine, Mia.”

She shook her head. “One lousy fuck does not make for you to claim me.” Mia ran her hand down the front of his body. She gripped his cock, rubbing the length. “You still want more?”

“Not right now.”

He took hold of her hand and pressed her against the sink. When he entered the bathroom he didn’t expect to get anything out of her. She kept her emotions close to her chest. No one was getting past that wall of ice she liked to keep there. He hated not knowing her secrets and having to guess at them.

Sliding his fingers underneath her uniform he found the evidence of her arousal. “I think you protest a little too much about how much you don’t want me.” He leaned in close as if to kiss her but held back.

“I can be turned on by you, Curse. I just know you’re not much when it comes to the follow through.” She tried to pull out of his arms. He wasn’t having any of it. Keeping her in place with his body, he stared down into her eyes.

“Fight me all you want. You’re not going anywhere until I get what I want.”

“You got what you wanted last night. I don’t need a reminder.”

Laughing, he slid his fingers inside her panties. Her slit was soaking wet. Pinching her clit, he saw her fight the arousal.

“You’re going to fight the pleasure?”

“What do you want?”

With his free hand, he tugged on her ponytail so she had no choice but to bow her head back, exposing her neck. Curse moved from her clit, down to slide inside her tight cunt. She gripped his fingers like she’d never taken a cock.

“How long has it been since you last fucked someone?”

“Besides you last night?”


“A couple of years. I’ve not had the time to date.”

“We haven’t dated,” he said. She cut all emotion out of her life. The only love inside her was for her mother and friend. He wanted to break into the ice and become part of that circle.

“So, do you expect me to believe you’re the kind of man who wants to date?” she asked.

Adding a third finger inside her body, he pressed his thumb to her clit. She wanted to have a smart mouth? He was fine with showing her who was boss. No one, not even Mia, got the better of him.

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