Curse's Claim (Chaos Bleeds)(7)

By: Sam Crescent

She grabbed her bag and apron and headed out. Wearing a pair of ratty old jeans and a black shirt meant she could clean whatever needed cleaning. Glancing down at her watch she didn’t have time to head to the pharmacy, and she marked it in her mind for later today. Owning a car was an unnecessary expense and one she couldn’t afford. The sun was shining, and she pulled her hair into a ponytail as she got to the first house. Jerry was a nice man with a young wife and a couple of kids. He paid well even though she was sure he was one of the pimps in the town.

Jerry opened the door while he was on the phone.

“Sure, Devil, do what you need. I’m not in the mood for this shit today.” Jerry took her arm leading her inside.

Putting her bag down by the door she bent over to grab the apron. Placing the fabric over her head, she tied up the bows on either side. The apron kept most of the dirt off her.

He finished on the call and stared at her. Pushing some strands off her face, she waited for him to talk. Every time she came to his house and he opened the door he always spent several seconds looking her up and down.

“What can I do for you today?” she asked, waiting for instructions.

“Such a waste.”

She frowned at his comment, but he led her down the long entrance hall.

“My office needs cleaning today and the kitchen. My wife went crazy in there. We argued, and she made a mess before storming out yesterday. Will you clean that for me?” he asked.


Each household contained their own cleaning supplies. She only worked for the wealthy part of Piston County. There was no way she’d be taking on jobs where a lot of crime happened. She liked living her life without fear of being shot.

Leaving his company, she grabbed the trolley she set up and headed into his office.

Jerry was already behind the desk as she walked in.

“Do you want me to do this last?” she asked.

“No. Go ahead, work. I won’t interfere.”

Nodding, she got down to work. Going behind his desk she opened up the windows to allow any dust to leave the room. She ignored the man behind the desk. Picking up the duster, she went around the room, cleaning away any mess she found. Jerry paid her a really good wage to clean for him, and Mia made every effort to have his place spotless. Out of the corner of her eye she saw he was watching her. Wiping her hands down her body, she spent the next thirty minutes cleaning up his room.

“I’m going to the kitchen,” she said.

“Thank you, Mia.”

He always looked like he wanted to say something a little extra to her. Walking into the kitchen, she winced at the mess before her. Okay, the argument he had with his wife must have been similar to World War Three. Mess was everywhere. Wiping down the food that could go back into the fridge, she got started on work. Checking her watch, she saw she had a couple of hours left to do another two houses on her list before heading toward the diner for her lunch to evening shift.

Thinking about the diner brought thoughts of Curse and the moment they’d shared last night. He’d gotten off, and she’d wanted out of there before he got a chance to do anything more. Sex was never anything amazing for her. Every time she had sex, when it was over she felt guilty for giving in. Curse didn’t make it any different. For several minutes at the beginning she’d really thought it was going to be different, but it wasn’t. He left her unsatisfied, and she didn’t want to stay around for anything extra.

An hour later, she knocked on Jerry’s door.

“Come in.” She entered the room.

“I’ve finished. The kitchen looks spotless once again. I had to throw some food items in the trash.” She handed him a note for him to know what she got rid of. “Here, this is what I had to throw away.”

He took the list. “Thank you, Mia. You’re always so thorough.”

“Thank you. When do you need to me to come back?” She removed the apron from her body and stood waiting. He looked her up and down once again.

“Mia, have you ever considered a career change?” he asked.


“You’re a beautiful young woman. I could find some work for you.”

She frowned, looking at him. “I’m happy cleaning and working at the diner. I doubt you can give me any work I’m looking for.”

“You know I handle girls along with a lot of other ventures.” He stood, circling the desk to lean on the edge.

“I know the rumor.”

“You’re a friend of one of the women fucking Chaos Bleeds. I figure I can be honest with you. You’re in a desperate situation. Those bills are not going anywhere, and you need to make good money.” His hands were clasped together in front of him. “I could have those bills of yours paid in full within the year. You’re a fuller woman, and there are a lot of calls for men looking for women like you.”

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