Curse's Claim (Chaos Bleeds)(5)

By: Sam Crescent

The moment she got his cock out and moved around the building to fuck he’d been totally lost. Walking behind the bar, he snatched up the brandy and went into the kitchen. Her cunt had been tight as she gripped him, and he’d not used a fucking condom. Curse didn’t even know if she was on any kind of birth control. She’d wanted away from him so fast he didn’t even get a chance to bring her to orgasm. He’d been wound so tight he’d not been able to wait for her to come before he found his own release.

“Fuck,” he said, opening up the fridge. He knew fuck all about her. Mia never gave any part of herself even when she was talking with Ashley. The two girls were like chalk and cheese. Neither of them shared any common ground. Their friendship was a complete mystery to him.

“Hey, oh, I thought we were getting burgled,” Ashley said, walking into the room wearing nothing but underwear.

“You really think some thick fuck would risk his fucking neck to come and rob us?” Curse asked. He was pissed, beyond pissed. He was furious at himself and at Mia.

“Sorry. What’s wrong with you tonight?” She brushed past him to grab a juice from the fridge. Opening the bottle of brandy he glared at her.

“Your fucking friend is what’s pissed me off. She’s a fucking cold ice queen.” He swigged down several gulps of brandy, staring at her. Ashley was partly naked, but she didn’t do anything for him. His cock remained flaccid.

“Mia’s a lovely woman. What did you do to her?” Ashley asked.

“Stay out of my fucking business. Let’s just say you’re both chalk and fucking cheese.” He made to storm out of the room.

“So? What does my and Mia’s friendship have to do with you? We care about each other, and we’re the best of friends. Leave it the fuck alone.”

“Do you even know her?” Curse asked.

“I know enough about her to know men are wasting their time if they think they can stay with her. Mia will never settle down with any man.”

“You’re aware she’s not a virgin?” He took another long drink from the bottle. What was between these two women to cement them together?

“Yes, I’m aware she’s not a virgin. Men have showed her enough attention over the years for me to know the truth.” Ashley held the glass in her hand with a death grip. He watched her look over his shoulder and her throat work as she swallowed. “It’s none of your business why we’re friends. We are, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“I fucked her.”

“Good for you and for her.” There was no jealousy on her face.

“We did it up against the wall of the diner.” He didn’t know why he was repeating what happened, only that he needed to know more about Mia. She didn’t look like the kind of woman who got off on the risk factor of being caught. He’d offered her money, and she turned him down.


“She’s your friend.”

“I fuck over ten to twenty guys in the Chaos Bleeds crew. She doesn’t judge me, and I’m not going to judge her on how she needs to get off.” Ashley shrugged. “Just don’t hurt her. Mia deserves some happiness in her life.”

Ashley made to brush past him. He caught her arm and held her steady. “If she deserves so much happiness why are you not helping her pay off her mother’s medical bills?”

“I am helping her. She doesn’t accept charity from anyone, not even me.” Ashley shrugged. “I pay off extra from her account. I stole the details from a letter I found in her possession. I do help her, Curse.” She shoved him away. “She’s my friend, so back off.”

He watched her leave, curious to know what had gone on in the two people’s lives to draw them close.

Opening his cell phone, he went up to his room and dialed the only man he knew could help.

Whizz answered on the first ring. “Hello.”

“Hey, man, how are you holding up?” Curse asked. Five months ago Whizz had been taken by an enemy of The Skulls. From what Curse learned and saw, the man had been tortured and raped. Devil gave the crew updates on his progress, and the man couldn’t stand to be alone. He lived in the clubhouse, with Killer and Kelsey, and even with Zero and his woman, Prue, in Fort Wills. The nightmares kept Whizz awake most nights.

“I’m doing okay. I take it this is not a social call,” Whizz said. The man sounded tired even to him. Curse wished he’d not called. Whatever he wanted to know he could find out for himself.

“Maybe I should leave it,” Curse said.

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