Curse's Claim (Chaos Bleeds)(2)

By: Sam Crescent

“I bet she is.” He stepped closer, invading her space. She gasped out, staring up at him with wide eyes. Cupping her cheek, he stroked her lip feeling the softness of her skin against his palm. Her curves drove him crazy. Every time he saw her all he wanted to do was grab her, hold onto her, and never let go. He also wanted to fuck her and see if her pussy was as tight as he imagined it would be.

“What are you doing?”

“What I want.” Mia wasn’t pushing him away or demanding that he leave her alone. She stood perfectly still, eyes on his face as he pressed his thumb inside her mouth. Closing her lips, she shook her head. “You’re going to make me work for this pussy, aren’t you, baby?”

“I’m not going to make you work for anything.” She made to take a step back. He caught her ass, holding her in place. She filled his hand perfectly. Squeezing the ripe flesh, he groaned.

“Fuck, you feel so fucking good.”

“Let go of me. Do you have to be so crass?” Mia wasn’t pushing him away, but she wasn’t embracing him either.

His cock tightened at the feel of her body next to his.

“No. I’m not letting you go. As for the other, this is who I am, baby. Get used to it.” Curse stroked the curve of her ass then moved on to the other cheek. He loved the feel of her filling his hands.

“What do you want?” she asked.

Staring into her eyes Curse thought about what he wanted. The only answer he could come up with was her. He wanted Mia, and he didn’t care what he had to do to get her.

“I want you.”

“I’m not for sale. You can’t just request me with the hope of getting me in your bed.” She frowned as she answered.

“All women have a price. How much money do you need?” he asked. He’d be willing to pay whatever it was to get her.

“Money? You seriously think I’ll sleep with you for money?”

“Sleeping is not on my mind. Sex, hard, rough, and hot is what I’ve got in mind. I’m willing to pay anything to get you.” Sinking his fingers into her hair, he inhaled her floral smell. He didn’t know what she smelled of, only that it drew him in and was utterly addictive.

“I don’t have time for this. I need to get home to take care of my mother.” She finally put her hands on his chest and pushed. He took a step back, reluctantly releasing her body. Curse knew all about her mother and the cancer she was fighting. Breast cancer was an awful thing, and Mia’s mother had lost both of her breasts and undergone an intense treatment of chemotherapy. The cancer was gone, but at the moment she was always sick and the doctors were prescribing a lot of medication, all of which cost money. Mia was spending money on her mother, and she didn’t even know if it would keep her alive for longer.

The money they would have had if her father hadn’t run away with his younger secretary. Still, her mother was a darling. He visited her once with Ashley when Mia was busy working at the diner. From what he learned she was always working and never having any fun. She came to one of the parties the club held but never stayed too long to mingle.

Her mother wanted her to go out and have fun, but Mia wouldn’t have any of it. She took a step away from him, stopped and turned to glare at him. “I’m not a whore. I don’t go screwing men for money.”

“I wouldn’t call you a whore, just desperate for money.”

“I can take care of myself. Stop bugging me. Nothing is going to come of it.”

Stepping closer, he sank his fingers into her hair pushing out the clips that she’d bound her hair with. He cupped her hip with his other hand. Claiming her lips, he moaned as she cried out. Slamming his tongue deep into her mouth, he deepened the kiss, holding her tight.

His cock threatened to split his jeans, he was that hard. She started to push him away, fighting him. Curse refused to let her go. In a matter of moments she stopped fighting him. Her hands gripped his shoulders before moving up to wind around his neck.

Not moving, he drew her closer to him. His cock pressed to her stomach, making his need known to her.


Mia needed to stop. This man before her was deadly. He’d take over everything she ever knew and consume her body. Every time he came around, he made sure for her to know his intentions. Now he was offering money for her to sleep with him. What hurt the most was the temptation of earning more money. She hated it. Working at the diner and cleaning houses whenever she got the chance, she still struggled to make ends meet. Her mother’s prescriptions, medical bills, and living expenses were making it impossible for her to keep up with expenses. If she was ever poorly and needed time off work then she’d be screwed. Her life was all about living on the edge of surviving. Ashley tried to help her out, but Mia couldn’t accept any money without working for it.

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