Curse's Claim (Chaos Bleeds)(10)

By: Sam Crescent

Leaning forward he licked the line of her pulse. Her pulse was racing. Mia wasn’t as unaffected as she made out.

“You do realize I’m going to find out all of your secrets and then there will be no more hiding from me.”

“Why don’t you back off?” Her voice was breathless as she asked.

“I don’t want to.” As he added a fourth finger, she cried out. Mia stayed still as he sucked at her neck. Someone knocked on the door to the bathroom. He ignored it. Staring into Mia’s shocking blue eyes, he touched her pretty pussy waiting for her to explode. Her body was wound tighter than he ever imagined. There was so much stress she was dealing with, and there was no time for her to have any fun.

I’m not backing away.

Mia will be mine.

He was going to warn Ashley the next time he saw her.

Sliding his thumb over her clit, her cream washed over his fingers. She gasped out, the noise going straight to his cock. He was not leaving the bathroom until she came all over his hands and he tasted her cream on his fingers.

“You’re not going to the pharmacy.”

“I’m not having a child.”

“You’ll do as you’re fucking told. No pharmacy or I’ll have you chained to my bed and then you can’t even make money to pay for your mother’s medical bills.”

He wasn’t bluffing. Curse would chain her to his bed, only he’d pay for her mother’s care.

“Stop this.”

She was not fighting him. Her body was open for him to play with.

“No. You want this. Soon, Mia, you’re not going to be able to hide from me. I’m going to know everything about you.”

A whimper left her hips. He sank down, holding onto her hips to keep him steady. Tugging up her uniform, he revealed her pussy to his gaze. Tearing the panties from her body, he opened her legs wide and slid his tongue over her slit.

“Oh, fuck,” she said, jerking in his arms. Licking her clit, he slid down to tongue her entrance. She was shaking in his arms, getting closer to the edge of her release. Curse kept flicking her clit.

Glancing at her hands, he saw they held the edge of the counter in a death grip.


He listened to her cry his name. Staying in front of her, he caressed her clit feeling her getting closer to orgasm. She would be going over the edge of release in a matter of seconds. Her legs shook, and he kept a firm grip on her to keep her steady.

Tonguing her clit, he watched her fall apart in his arms. Her orgasm crashed through her. Curse licked up her cream, relishing the taste of her pussy. Mia was going to have to learn to get used to his touch. He wasn’t going anywhere, and if she liked it or not, she belonged to him.

No man was going to touch her or know what she felt like naked.

When the tremors subsided he got to his feet and wiped his mouth. “Tonight, I’m taking you somewhere. I’ll get the prescription to your mother. Don’t argue with me or fight with me. You’ll never win.”

“I’m just supposed to accept what you want?” she asked.

“Yes, fighting with me is a waste of time.”

Leaving the bathroom, Curse took his place at the table. The taste of her still in his mouth, he couldn’t think of anything sweeter.


Exhausted, Mia didn’t want to see Curse, let alone go out with him. The orgasm he gave her in the bathroom had consumed her thoughts, which she hated. No man should ever be that addictive. She couldn’t even remember a single order of burgers and shakes. God, she hated her job. She hated working at the diner and cleaning for a living. Mia hated her father more. If he’d stayed then they wouldn’t have struggled in paying for her mother’s health care and she could have finished up her final year in college. Working two jobs and taking care of her mother took every spare moment she had. There was no time for studying. She’d been studying care and nursing, the two occupations she loved to do, but neither was going to help her right away. Funding for school came after her mother’s care.

Walking out of the diner at eight, she got an hour’s overtime with the influx of tourists because of the heat. She spotted Curse waiting beside his bike.

“You purposefully worked an extra hour,” he said.

“I need the money, Curse. I’d work twenty-four seven if it meant my mom had the best care around the clock.” She folded her arms underneath her breasts, glaring at him. Ashley told her so much about him and the club life. Mia wouldn’t dream of doing anything to hurt her friend. The club meant everything to Ashley as she finally had a home.

“She hates relying on you. Your mother wants you to have a life, and she’s more than happy with you spending the night with me.”

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