Claimed by Her Mates(9)

By: Grace Goodwin

“Let me be clear, regent,” Tor said. He used his fingers to tick off each of his items. “We have a mate who does not know that she belongs to three warriors. We have to convince her to fuck each of us. We must breed her immediately to unite the planet. And we must stabilize the sectors so that more warriors and brides are sent to the coalition or we will be overrun by the Hive.”

“Yes. The coalition has given us ten months to improve our numbers.”

That was barely enough time to breed our new bride and have a new little one crawling. The babe wouldn’t be old enough to walk, and yet the child would be the acknowledged heir of all three planetary sectors.

I groaned. “We also have to convince our bride to accept our seed—at the same time—so the mating union     is achieved. No mate of mine will be banished.” Just breeding her was simple. We could fuck her any way we wished, but to achieve the mating union    , we’d have to fuck her in all her holes at once. I wasn’t a nice man, but I’d never see a woman shunned. Any issues I had about fucking her with my brothers were not her fault.

I didn’t force a woman either. How we were going to persuade an unwilling woman to take on three men was not going to be easy. Perhaps facing the Hive would be easier.

“Nor mine,” Lev grumbled.

Tor ticked off his last finger. “And we have to end thirty years of hatred and convince the planet to stand together.”

When Tor explained all of that, it seemed an impossible task.

“How do we know she was not mated to another and you are using this as a way to manipulate us, to affect the balance of power between sectors?” I added.

At my question, my brothers pulled their shoulders back and loomed over the man.

“As you say, she would not have been sent here by her home world without being matched by the processing protocol.” He sighed. “If it concerns you so greatly, I will summon other men to this room and she will be forced to choose you from among many.”

“Only one of us,” I said, ensuring that the woman made an impartial choice. If she were truly matched to one of us, the connection would be powerful and immediate. I’d forgotten that, so there was hope that she’d be inclined to our demands to fuck… immediately. I would not trust the match until our bride proved she was capable of feeling that connection.

The regent dipped his head respectfully. “Very well. As she believes she’s only matched to one man, you will need to decide which of you will stand in the line. Remember, do what you must once you claim her. All three of you must coat her with your seed. Without the link and power of the seed power, the others will want her. They will try to take her from you.”

Once a man’s seed filled a woman’s pussy, the bonding began. The chemicals in a Viken male’s seed were powerful. Our bride would crave it, need it. In return, the man to whom she bonded would feel the constant urge to claim her, to protect her and renew the bond. That was the natural connection between a Viken man and his mate. But a few months without exposure to the bonding chemicals in a male’s seed, and the woman’s body would become receptive to the claim of another.

No woman of mine would ever suffer the loss of my seed bond. I would fuck her hard, and often. I would taste her pussy with my mouth as my seed filled her throat. I would—

“You think others will try to defy us by claiming our mate?” Lev asked. Until she chose one of us from the lineup, she was considered available. Any man powerful enough to take her from us could try to claim her.

“If she chooses one of us, then the match is true. She belongs to no one but us.” Tor’s words confirmed that he protected what was his. Lev nodded his agreement.

“The match is true. She will choose one of you,” the regent said. He was very confident. Confident enough for me to believe he wasn’t lying. If he were, this woman could choose any random Viken man in the room who would fuck her. He’d have seed power over her and the ability to breed her, not the three of us. His plan for one true leader would not occur.

“Surely this woman has been fucked before,” Lev said. “Won’t she be longing for the Earth man’s cock she left behind? Won’t she be suffering withdrawal of his seed?”

The regent shook his head. “Earth men do not have this connection with their mates. Their seed is not as potent as ours. This is in your favor. An Earth woman matched to three Viken men. Combined, your seed power will have a level of potency she can’t imagine. Do your job, men, and do it well. Claim her, fuck her, fill her with your seed. Breed her. If, as you put it, you can’t find unity between the three of you, go back to your sectors. Your mate will be banished once she gives birth. The child will rule. This petty feuding will end and we will take our rightful place as a fully protected member planet of the coalition once more. Nothing else matters.”

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