Claimed by Her Mates(8)

By: Grace Goodwin

The regent chuckled. “All three of you. We combined your profiles in the program and she was matched to you, combined. She will not only accept all three of you, in the manner you each prefer, but she will need each of you to be truly happy. Each of you possesses a trait she needs, something she craves, something she will require to be made content.” The regent paced, his hard gray boots peeking out from his robe as he walked. He wore a soft robe with battle-ready boots imbedded with blades. Soft words, followed by the sting of an iron will. The look suited him. “I did not wish to bring you here until the match had been made, until the transfer was to occur. I could not risk one of you refusing her.”

Since that was blatant fact, none of us replied.

“Fine. Fine,” Tor repeated. “So we are supposed to fuck this woman until we breed her? In the same room? At the same time?” he asked.

The regent shrugged. “You can share her, or you can take her one at a time. I’ll leave the details to you.”

Tor nodded. “Good. Then she will travel from sector to sector and we will each fuck her.”

Regent Bard held up his hand. “As I said, you must each take her in a short time allotment to ensure that all of your seed merges and you all have an equal chance of siring. While fucking her together is not required to breed her, the mating laws do require—”

Lev ran his hand over the back of his neck and stood to pace. “Are you serious?”

Tor moved away from the wall. “We don’t even like each other and you expect us to come all over her at the same time?”

Anger flared at what the regent required. Taking turns was one thing, but together? We hadn’t laid eyes on each other in thirty years and we were supposed to fuck her together?

The regent held up his hand again. “The law is clear. You know that a mating union     must join all parties as one. In your case, with the three of you as her mates, you must all claim her at once. Otherwise, the bond is not sealed and she will be forever shunned.”

Tor crossed his arms over his chest, his body rigid. Clearly, he didn’t like that idea. “She will bear the child who unites the planet. How could she be shunned?”

“If you do not do this properly, your mate will be the vessel of the child’s birth and nothing more. She will not be the ruling mother, or the mate of the sector leader. In her case, all three sector leaders. By law and custom, she will have been shunned by her mate. She will be banished.”

I looked to my brothers, then at the regent. “We’ve been enemies our entire lives and you expect us to take her mouth, pussy, and ass at the same time for the mating union    .” I saw interest in my brothers’ eyes, akin to how I felt. The idea was arousing, fucking a woman in any of those three ways, but I’d have to do it with men from sectors I’d been raised to dislike. Lev and Tor were my brothers by birth, but the people of Sector One were my people by blood and sweat and choice.

“For the mating union    , yes. To breed her, no. You must each fill her pussy with seed, at least until she is properly bred. Once that is done, you may share her in any way you wish. But to do so, to ensure her happiness, you will need to put aside your differences.”

All three of us arched our right brow and glared at the old man. Making sure our women were happy was a matter of pride with a warrior. To imply that we, the leaders of the planet, would be unable to satisfy all of our bride’s needs was highly insulting. “You put us in different sectors to keep the peace, not to teach us tolerance. You kept us separated our entire lives and now you want us to pretend we are happy to fuck a woman together to ensure she is not shunned? To share a bride?”

“I agree with Drogan. A woman isn’t going to solve our long-seated issues between sectors. Neither is a child.”

“Well, sector leaders, I suggest you figure out how to unite the sectors, or all of Viken will fall to the Hive. You will lose everything. How precious your sector differences will be when you’ve all got so many neuro-processors implanted in your brains that you can’t remember your own names.” How the regent could remain calm was beyond me. I wanted to punch him in the nose for this alone. I wanted to pummel him for forcing all three of us to participate in this… insanity. For forcing our hands. For keeping the dangerous truth of our situation within the Interstellar Coalition a secret.

“Does our mate know she has been matched to three men?” Lev asked.

That was a good question and I looked to the regent.

“She does not. Her match was to your combined profile, just as each of you—” he pointed to each of us, “—were matched to hers. As triplets with identical DNA, she’s matched to all three of you.”

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