Claimed by Her Mates(4)

By: Grace Goodwin

And so here I sat, in a scratchy gown, under the scrutiny of Warden Egara.

“Do you have questions?”

I licked my lips again. “This match… how do I know he will be… nice?” While I’d been put through so many tests for the matching, my only requirement was that he was nice. I didn’t want to be mated to a man who beat me. If I wanted that, I could just stay here on Earth and marry the asshole.

“Nice? Miss Adams, I believe I understand the depth of your concern, but your mate has been put through the same tests. In fact, the warriors are required to submit to more advanced testing than our brides. You do not need to fear your match, for your subconscious minds are what determine a match. Your needs and desires complement one another. However, you must remember, a different planet has different customs. A different culture. You will need to adjust to this, to reject your Earthly judgments and antiquated notions. You will need to set aside your fear of men. Leave them here on Earth.”

The words were wise, but the deed not so easily done. I would be cautious for a long time, I was sure. “Where am I going?”


I frowned. “I’ve never heard of the planet.”

“Mmm,” she replied, looking down at her table. “You are the first from Earth to be matched there. The dreams you saw were a female from another planet and her matched Viken. As you saw, he was an attentive, yet thorough lover.”

I blushed at the memory.

“Based on this testing, I think you will be very pleased with your mate.”

“And if I’m not?” What if she was wrong and he was mean? He might be able to wield his cock like porn star, but what if he wanted me to be nothing more than a slave to him? What if he beat me like my fiancé did?

“You have thirty days to change your mind,” she answered. “Keep in mind you have been matched not only to a man, but to the planet. If you do not find your match acceptable after thirty days, you may request another warrior, but you will remain on Viken.”

That seemed reasonable. I sighed, relaxing at the notion that I could make my own choice in the end—and not be sent back to Earth.

“You are satisfied?” she asked. “Do you have more questions? Is there any reason to delay your transport?”

She looked to me as if offering me one last opportunity. An opportunity I would not take. “No. There is no reason to delay.”

She nodded her head. “Very good. For the record, Miss Adams, are you married?”

“No.” If I hadn’t gotten away, I would have been. In two weeks.

“Do you have any children?”


“Good.” She swiped her screen again. “You have been formally matched to the planet Viken. Do you accept the match?”

“Yes,” I replied. As long as the man wasn’t mean, I would go anywhere to escape.

“Because of your affirmative response, you have been officially matched and are now stripped of your citizenship of Earth. You are now, and will forever be, a bride of Viken.” She glanced down at her screen, swiped her finger over it. “Per Viken custom, some modifications to your body are required before your transport.”

Warden Egara stood and came around beside me.

“Modifications?” What did that mean? What was she going to do?

She pushed a button on the wall above my head, which made it slide open. Glancing over my shoulder, I couldn’t see more than soft blue lighting. What I did notice was the large arm that extended out from the wall with a needle attached. “What’s that?”

“No need to be afraid. We are simply implanting your NPU, required for all brides. Hold still. It only takes a few seconds.”

The robotic arm came toward me and poked into my neck. I winced at the surprise of it, but it didn’t truly hurt. In fact, nothing hurt. As the chair moved backward into the room with the blue light, I was relaxed and calm, sleepy.

“You have nothing to fear any longer, Miss Adams.” As the chair lowered into a warm bath, she added. “Your processing will begin in three… two… one.”

Chapter Two


“We’ve spent almost thirty years apart. I do not see the need for us to come together now.” I crossed my arms over my chest as I stared across the room at the two men who looked identical to me. My brothers. One had hair that was long, well past his shoulders, the other closely shorn with a scar through his right eyebrow, but otherwise it was like looking in a mirror. I’d known I was a triplet my entire life, known we’d been separated as babies. Even known the reason why.

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