Claimed by Her Mates(10)

By: Grace Goodwin

The man had no sympathy for our individual desires. He was only thinking of the planet’s stability. Not mine or my brothers’ personal interests, and certainly not the wants or expectations of this woman we’d been matched to. Just like at our birth, we three brothers were casualties of circumstance once more. While Lev, Tor, and I could go back to our sectors if we did not agree to this shared mating, she would be ruined. Any child conceived would be ripped from her and from the mates who denied her. She would suffer for months from the strong, desperate pull of seed power from not just one man, but three.

It was not a fate I wished on any female, and particularly not one I was responsible for. Not one I had bred and claimed as my bride. A woman was to be protected and sheltered, pleasured and dominated. Not used, her trust gained, her obedience earned, only to be discarded by the mate she had been taught to serve. I glanced at my brothers. Could we overcome our differences to protect a female we had not met?

A bright light filled the room centering over the large table.

“Ah, her transport has begun.” The regent looked giddy, a huge smile and expectant hop to his steps.

We all stepped back and watched as a woman slowly materialized on the table. Once the transport was complete, the blinding wash of light disappeared, leaving her unconscious form on the hard surface. We stepped closer to look at her, my eyes took a few seconds to adjust after the bright flash of her transport.

She wore a long dress typical on Viken. The material didn’t hide her lush curves—very full breasts and curved hips. Her hair was dark red, the deepest color in a fire. It was unbound and lay in thick curls across the wood. Her lashes were long and rested against her pale cheeks. Her lips were a lush pink, plump and full and my cock pulsed at the idea of having them curved around it.

This was our mate? I glanced at my brothers whose expressions matched the awe I felt.

“You still feel it will be a hardship to fuck this woman? To be mated to her? To breed her?” The regent’s words were intended to mock us, but instead highlighted the way each and every protest I had disappeared at the sight of her ripe body and beautiful face. I wanted her. I wanted my cock in her mouth and my hand striking her bare ass. I wanted to fuck her until she screamed and watch her kneel at my feet, naked and ready to be claimed.

No. Fucking her would be no hardship. My cock hardened at the sight of her, and she wasn’t even conscious. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tor adjust himself. It was a good thing we were instantly drawn to her, for nothing less than the fate of the planet rested on our ability to fuck this woman and fuck her well.

* * *


We’d been called to the Viken United headquarters, not for a sector meeting, as I’d been told, but because my brothers and I were now forced by a threat to the planet to come together and breed a female assigned not just to me, but to my identical brothers as well. I knew I’d have to find a mate someday, but I had always believed it would be in my own time and a female of my own choosing. I’d also assumed my mate would be mine and mine alone. It seemed, as Regent Bard put it, fate intervened.

Here before me was the most beautiful female I’d ever seen, sprawled out on the table where the planet’s boldest decisions were made. Perhaps she was one of the regents’ boldest decisions. She would unite the sectors and bring supposed peace to the planet once again. She would inspire young warriors to war and virgin brides to offer themselves as mates. Her child would rule the planet when I and my brothers were long dead.

Separating my brothers and I had not united the planet. We were nothing but a temporary respite from all-out war. Our royal blood and our family’s long history of fair and just rulers had calmed the planet enough for a tenuous peace to have taken hold. But separating us when we were mere infants had made us less than brothers. We had each been formed by the customs, biases, and beliefs of our specific sectors, nothing else. I was supposed to share this female with two men—brothers, even—I didn’t know. We looked the same, but that was all. The regents expected us to share a mate. Share!

I had already been denied what should have been mine by right. In Sector One, where I ruled, family was all. Your worth was measured in the strength and honor of your family. I had none. My royal blood was all that had saved me from the life of an outcast among my own people. But even my blood had not been enough to save me from the taunts of cruel children, from the lonely reality of sitting alone at all major events. I was alone, always alone, and deemed vulnerable in a society where a familial shield ensured survival.

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