Badd Motherf*cker:Badd Brothers(88)

By: Jasinda Wilder

I popped her bra clasps with a pinch of one hand, tossed the garment aside, and then knelt in front of her, running my nose across her belly to one hip, then across again, a little lower, giving her plenty of warning as to my intent in the next few moments. She didn’t demur, and I didn’t expect her to. She let me shimmy her panties off and, sweet goddamn, her pussy was waxed bare except for a thin, closely trimmed landing strip. Plump, thick pussy lips, damp, glistening.

“Fuck, Mara. You’re perfect,” I growled.

I slid my hands up the backs of her thighs, cupped that firm but juicy ass, bare for my hands now, and as soft as the silk I’d just stripped off her. I brought my hands around, traced a finger up the slit of her pussy, getting a low moan from her.

“Can I taste you, Mara?”

She scraped her hands over my scalp to clutch the back of my head. “I’ll be pissed if you didn’t.”

I slid my tongue up her slit, tasting her juices.

“Oh fuck, Zane, fuck that feels so good.”

“I’m just getting started, babe.”

She watched me lick her pussy, and with each slow lick she moaned louder and her hips flexed and pushed, telling me she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. And then, just when I was sure she was seconds from coming, she pushed my face away. “Wait. Zane, wait.”

I stopped immediately, but frowned up at her. “I thought you wanted that?”

“I did—I do.” She didn’t try to pull me to my feet, just stared down at me for a moment. “I just need to make sure we’re on the same page about one other thing.”

“What’s that?”

“That this is…no strings. Just for tonight. That neither of us will make it weird in the morning.”

My heart squeezed at her words. That wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted weird. I knew, from the few short moments I’d had with her so far, that this one night wouldn’t be enough, no matter how many times we fucked. I’d want more. But I wasn’t about to lose my chance at what I had in front of me, so I squashed my hopes.

I slid two fingers inside her channel, and flicked my tongue against her clit.

“No strings, no weirdness,” I agreed.

But I wasn’t sure I was telling the truth.

Or maybe I was just making a promise I wasn’t planning to keep.

That wasn’t honest though, but right now I didn’t care.

I knew I would do whatever it took to keep Mara in my bed for as long as I could.

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