Bad to the Bone(9)

By: Sam Crescent

Way to go, Stacey.

Moving toward him, she tapped his shoulder. “When she’s done, tell her I’m outside.”

He nodded, and Cora made her way out to where Left and Right were sitting. She took a seat on the steps between them.

“The party too much for you?” Jerry asked.

Rolling her eyes, she glanced at him. “Nah, the party was what I expected. A bunch of teenage dicks in men’s bodies. Don’t worry. I wasn’t expecting a lot anyway. You all lived up to my expectations, but that wasn’t very high in the first place.”

“Is she fucking serious?” This came from the guy she didn’t know the name of.

“I’m very serious,” she said. “What’s your name?”


“Damon and Jerry, lovely to meet you. Where’s the bitches you had on your laps?”

“They got bored, and we’ll take care of them inside,” Jerry said.

“Wow, this really is a lame assed party.” Cora had seen more action in a posh boys’ party house, and she should know. She’d been invited to one. Was this what getting older really meant? Going to lame parties, and being hit on only to be passed to another brother for possibly falling in love?

She was thirty years old, and so not ready to call an end to her partying ways. Yet this was the first real party she’d been to in over a year. Most of the time she traveled to the city to allow herself to relax, and spread her wings, and taste the world. In Greater Falls, she had to be respectful.

God, why had she stayed in this town?

You’re happy.

In truth, she was happy. Very happy, which was so damn shocking most of the time. She was happy with her job in the high school. It was fun, boring, but never the same. Yeah, the kids could be right pains in the ass, but at least they knew when to back off, and she loved helping them. Everything she did helped all of the kids.

“You think our party is lame?” Jerry asked.

“I’ve been to better.” She stared out across the diner. She saw Teri making her way across the diner toward the club.

“Hey, Cora, I didn’t expect to see you here,” Teri said, coming close.

“Neither did I. At least Stacey’s having some fun.”

“Not your scene?”

“It’s totally my scene, except for the bunch of teenage boys in men’s bodies.” She pulled out a piece of gum from her jacket pocket, and placed it in her mouth.

Teri placed her hands on her hips, staring at her. “Wow, you really don’t know people, do you?”

“If you’re asking if you know me, the answer is no, you don’t. It’s okay. When the guys are finished with Stacey, I’ll take her home.” Cora shrugged. She’d be home before midnight.

“I decided to close the diner early,” Teri said, looking behind Cora.

“It’s okay. The club is full. Boys, you can go on inside, and party. I’ll stay out here and steer people away.” James spoke up.

“If any of the bitches are sexy as fuck, send them in,” Damon said.

Cora glanced behind her to find James, the guy who’d started to organize who was going to fuck her. She was so over bikers.

“The diner closed?” James said, talking to Teri.

“Yep, last customer left twenty minutes ago. It has been a slow night.” Teri placed her hand on her hip. Cora recognized that look as she’d worn it many times herself. Teri was looking to get fucked, and fucked well. “Want to come in and party?”

“No, find Jerry or Damon, they’ll take care of you.”

There was a few seconds of silence. Then Teri nodded, wished Cora goodnight before making her way into the club.

Letting out a sigh, Cora wasn’t surprised even when James sat down beside her.

“Sorry about what happened in there,” he said, being the first one to speak between them.

She turned to look at him. He sat on the side where she got a good look at his scar. Cora didn’t mind his scar. James was a sexy man. From the moment she walked into the back room she’d clocked him. He commanded a presence even when he didn’t do anything. That quality, in her opinion, was rather rare in men. James, he had it, where his brother didn’t. “Do you debate fucking women often?” she asked.

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