Bad to the Bone(8)

By: Sam Crescent

James looked back toward Cora. She was a beautiful woman, vibrant, and hot. There was something about her that really kicked his gut, and twisted his balls. He wanted to fuck her as much as Pixie did. However, Cora wasn’t showing either of them any focus, not even Drake who was sitting beside her. Caleb held her attention while the rest of them were watching her.

“Trade places. You want to use me to break the woman down, I’m going to get to know her first.”

“Pussy,” Pixie said.

For some reason a lot of the women Pixie fucked had a habit of falling in love with him. James sported a large scar down the side of his face, and women only ever used him for sex. He’d gotten into a particularly nasty fight years ago, leaving him scarred. James had found the bastard who broke the rules in the fighting rink, and fucked up his entire face.

Taking a seat beside Cora, he rested his arm along the back of her chair. She didn’t even acknowledge him, simply taking the drink, and having a sip. He wondered if she was putting on an act or if this was really what she was like.

“He knows what he’s doing,” he said, talking about Caleb now fucking Kitty’s ass. The woman really did love to fuck, and in an hour, she’d be begging one of the brothers to fix her need once again. Kitty Cat thrived in the club, and the brothers helped to keep the other bitches off her back. As far as James knew she’d not been with many of the brothers, despite her need. He’d not fucked her, hadn’t wanted to. “I can see,” she said.

“What brings you to the club?” he asked.

“My friend wanted to get laid, and she dragged me along for the ride. In fact, I am her ride.” She rested her can of soda on her lap.

Teasing the hairs at the back of her neck, James finally caught her attention. She turned those startling green eyes toward him, staring right back.

“You’ve got the same eyes as Pixie,” she said.

She didn’t mention his scar or anything else.

“I have?”

“Yeah, and no. Looking at them now, your eyes are a brighter blue than his. You brothers?”


“You can tell.”

“Oh yeah?” He liked this woman. She was refreshing, and not the usual kind that Pixie brought for him.

“So which one wants to fuck me, and which one is supposed to pick up the pieces?” Cora asked.

James was startled, as were Drake and Pixie.

“What?” he asked.

She gave him a wicked smile. “Honey, I work in a high school, and I’ve seen all kinds of stuff. I may not teach the kids, but I’ve seen them lying their asses off to get out of crap. You really need to work on your whispering. You weren’t very far away from me, and the music isn’t too loud. I could hear perfectly well.” She tapped his knee, shocking him further.

Fucking hell, bag this woman, and he’d gladly take her home.

Chapter Two

Cora had caught both men by surprise. Good. She didn’t like men to misunderstand her, or think she was easily fooled. When she heard them talking, it had taken all of her restraint not to call both men out. Instead, she’d sat back listening to them talk about her. Wow, they really thought she was going to fall for Pixie? Big mistake.

“Oh, by the way, I know the answer to my own question. Pixie wants to fuck me because every woman falls in love with him. Yeah, right,” she said, looking toward the guy who’d led her back to the room.

He was actually blushing. It was so cute to see.

“Sorry, boys, I don’t play games. No offence, Pixie, but you’re a little wet around the ears for me.” She finished her drink, and handed it back to James. “I’ve had better propositions by the jocks in the high school. They also have a little more class about them, and they’re teenagers. If you’ll excuse me,” she said, stepping up and away. She made her way back to the main club. Cora heard them shuffling around, and didn’t really give a shit. She didn’t even look around to see if they were following. What kind of men did that?

Stacey was in the corner being fucked by one of the men. She looked so happy that Cora didn’t want to disturb her. The second guy Stacey had been dancing with was rubbing his cock while he looked at Stacey. He looked ready to blow at any moment.

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