Bad to the Bone(7)

By: Sam Crescent

Pixie urged her to the club, nodding at James.

Well, shit, he wasn’t expecting that.

His little brother had brought a woman especially for him. The nod Pixie had just given him was his brother’s signal that he’d found a woman to keep him entertained. Wasn’t that kind of him? James wasn’t going to complain. His body already liked what he was seeing.

“Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Cora.” Pixie eased her down into the booth.

Drake moved down to give them more space.

“Hello,” she said. Her voice was sexy as shit.

Yep, James wanted to fuck her. He already wanted to see what her body looked like naked, waiting for him to give her pleasure.

She removed her leather jacket and kept her gaze on Kitty. Caleb had her bent over a spanking bench. The cream was glistening out of her cunt, showing the room that she was completely aroused.

Cora crossed her thighs with her hand between her legs. The simple action had him incredibly aroused. Her tits were rock hard poking against her shirt. She was a curvy woman, a fucking beautiful one. He hoped she didn’t have a complex about her weight. James couldn’t stand it when women were always complaining about how big or how little they were.

“Stacey’s safe?” she asked, looking at Pixie.

“She’s more than safe. We’re not going to hurt her. Do you want something to drink?” he asked.

“A soda would be great.”

James figured she’d go for something stronger.

“Just a soda?” Pixie asked.

“Yes. I’m the driver tonight, and I’m not going to shirk my responsibilities.” Her gaze remained on Caleb and Kitty. “Besides, drinking soda doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.”

The couple had stepped things up, and now Caleb was pressing his latex covered cock into Kitty’s weeping pussy.

“You ever seen anything like this before?” James asked, curious about her. Drake sat between them, creating a small distance that he wanted to break. There was something enthralling about the sight of her.

Pixie raised his brow at James, waiting.

“No, I’ve not seen anything like this before. I figured the rumors about this place were false. Greater Falls isn’t usually one for adventure.” Cora turned her gaze to him, and James was hit in the gut with the shocking green of her eyes.

“No, it’s not.”

“You’ve been here five years?” she asked.

“Give or take. The first couple of years we spent getting this place set up, and the diner. After the first year the diner was all set to open. Teri, our chef, she was more than ready to open. Over the second year, we got the bar up and running, then the club.” James explained.

“I only returned a couple of years ago,” Cora said.

“What were you doing?”

“A lot of odd jobs in the city and around. I like to move around a lot. My dad passed away suddenly and left me his house. I came back to Greater Falls to take care of business. Before I knew what was happening, I had a job, and I was liking the whole settled down routine. I’ve not left.”

James was intrigued by her. She was the first woman in a long time who’d intrigued him.

“I’ll go and get you that drink,” Pixie said, leaving.

Following his brother to the secluded bar, James leaned against it, watching her. She hadn’t watched him leave or given him any special attention.

“Why did you bring her back here?” he asked.

“She’s hot.”

“That she is.” He couldn’t argue with how hot she was.

“She was watching Rex get his dick sucked while he fingered another woman. You should have seen the look in her eyes. I was close to the bar, and just looking at her eyes, I knew I wanted to talk to her. She was fucking into everything that she saw.”

“Talk to her, get to know her, or fuck her?”

“I want to fuck her,” Pixie said.

“Is that all you want to do with her?”

“I’m not looking to settle down, James. I want to fuck her, that’s it.”

“You’ve brought her to me to pick up the pieces,” James said.

“You know how a woman gets attached to me. I’m not interested in settling down. I like my pussy to have variety. I’m not looking for forever. Besides, she’s your type. She’s blonde, beautiful, and smoking hot. I bet she’s awesome in between the sheets.” Pixie slapped him on the back. “You always have my back.”

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