Bad to the Bone(6)

By: Sam Crescent

“Then I guess I’m not going anywhere.” Disappointment hit Cora hard. She wanted to see what else the club had available.

“She’ll be safe here. I can get Leo and Paul to keep an eye on her,” Pixie said.

“Let me go and tell her where I’m headed. I don’t want her to worry.” Placing her soda on the bar, she made her way toward Stacey.

“Don’t you just love bikers?” Stacey said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“They’re fantastic. I’ve just been offered the tour, one person only. You sure you can handle these two?” Cora asked. “If you want, we can leave.”

“Honey, I can handle these two in my sleep. I’m not ready to leave.”

Chuckling, she made her way back to the bar. She wasn’t going to ruin her friend’s time, and she had nothing else to do. “I’m all yours.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Pixie shouted someone to tend the bar, and then she was going along with him into hell, or heaven.


James stared across the bar as Caleb went to work on Kitty Cat. She was one of them but preferred to be considered a club whore, and one who liked to have some pain thrown into her pleasure. Kitty didn’t like any of the other women to know what she was to the club. The other women believed her to be a club whore, but she wasn’t. Her circumstances were entirely different. It wasn’t his business to tell anyone how to live their life. Kitty Cat was under their protection, and no one fucked with her. Even though she was protected by them, it didn’t stop her from wanting to party. Every Friday without fail she was at the club, begging to be let into the back rooms.

Drake took a seat next to him, sipping a can of soda.

“She’s a work of art,” Drake said as Caleb brought back his leather whip, and slapped it against the flesh of her ass. Kitty Cat’s arms were bound above her head, leaving her completely helpless to their pleasure.

Caleb ran his hand down Kitty’s stomach, moving to her pussy. She whimpered as he continued to deny her. It was always a push and pull with those two. James loved to watch Caleb in action. He was the most professional out of all of them, and Kitty knew how to take the kind of pain that Caleb administered.

“Pixie’s bringing a woman to the back,” Drake said.

“He is?”


“Anyone we know?” James asked, intrigued. It wasn’t often his brother brought a woman to come and see the back of the club. This was reserved for the people who could handle just the darker side of pain. Kitty was being whipped again, and James looked around the large room to see another couple of women being played with. Some of the men who weren’t part of the club but were loyal were allowed in this part of the club. James had to test them. Across the room was Richard. He was a lawyer, a damn powerful one who loved to get down and dirty but had a reputation to uphold. The club gave him the chance to do what he liked with the women who wanted him. James had tested him out himself, fighting and sparring with the man. He’d put Richard through his paces, and James would gladly patch him into the Dirty Fuckers MC, but Richard only wanted to have a place where he could be himself. The club provided the privacy he required, and the women who knew who to keep their mouths shut.

Right now, Richard was fucking a woman’s ass so damn hard that she was begging and pleading for him not to stop. Richard didn’t have a problem with taking what he wanted in public, or in the club, which was as public as it got. The lawyer couldn’t have his exploits being exposed in the public eye.

Turning to the door, James watched a woman with blonde, curly hair enter the room. Her hair was pulled up on top of her head, not too tight, just enough to get it off her face. She wore a tight pair of jeans, a plain shirt, and leather jacket. Pixie’s woman had to either be in her late twenties or early thirties. He couldn’t be sure. James’s dick sure stood to attention.

She paused in the doorway with Pixie stepping right up behind her.

James expected her to run the other way, but she didn’t. Her eyes were glazed over as she stared at Kitty. He couldn’t look away from her as her tongue peeked out to lick her full bottom lip. Most women ran from this room, but this woman looked like she was desperate for more. Damn, his cock was hard as fucking rock. When Pixie nudged her into the room, she walked, and the sway of her hips was enough to get any man hard.

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