Bad to the Bone(4)

By: Sam Crescent

Changing into a pair of tight jeans and crop top, she pulled her blonde hair back into a rubber band. When she came out of the bedroom, Stacey looked upset.

“What are you doing?”

“This is the best you’re going to get,” Cora said, holding her hand up. “I’m not interested in picking up a guy. They’re probably all infected with some kind of disease. I told you I wasn’t interested in the club. I’m not going to change my mind.”

“The hot kind of disease.”

Rolling her eyes, Cora grabbed her leather jacket from the back of the couch, and followed Stacey outside. She clicked her car, and when Stacey made to protest, Cora cut her off.

She’d seen many of the Dirty Fuckers around town. They were good looking, but they were also surrounded by women. Cora wasn’t interested in following a long list of women who’d fucked the men. She only had a few rules when it came to men, and not being at the mercy of them was one of her rules.

Starting her car, she drove toward the diner, bar, and club. It was one large building that had a large parking lot. The music hit her ears the moment she stepped out of the car. The heavy beat was filled with sex, heat, and promise. She couldn’t help but be affected by the noise. Cora had heard plenty of rumors about the club but hadn’t believed much of it. Tonight she was going to get the chance to see what all the fuss was about.

The diner was amazing. Cora had eaten there many times, and the chef, Teri was a darling, even if she did belong to the club. Cora liked her a lot, and had tested most of the menu. She was a sucker for some good food.

“Are we eating?” Cora asked, suddenly hungry.

“You’ve got to be kidding, right? We’re going straight to the party. I’m not letting any of those sluts take the best men.”

“You do realize you’ve called a bunch of women sluts for being at this party, right? The same party you’re going to.”

“I’m not a slut?”

Cora gave her a pointed look.

“I’m not a slut, but I may like acting the part of one.”

“You’re a slut.”

Stacey slapped her playfully on the arm. “Sluts have a lot of fun. Come on, let’s go.”

Cora followed Stacey up to the door, not seeing the point in arguing with her. There were two men who each had a woman sat on their lap. She recognized their faces but didn’t have a clue what they were called. Cora never paid attention to the club before, choosing to ignore them.

“What are you doing here?” the one on the left asked.

“We’ve come to party,” Stacey said, cocking her hip out, pouting her lips.

“What about you?” the one on the right asked Cora.

“I’m here because she wouldn’t leave me at home.” She crossed her arms over her chest, hoping he tried to piss her off. Cora was more than ready for him. This was the last place she wanted to be, and she was practically begging for them to come at her.

“We only allow party girls inside,” left guy said.

“We’re only here to party. I want to get laid, too. I’m forever hopeful,” Stacey said, trying to purr.

Damn, her friend was really looking for some action tonight. Stacey only tried to purr if she thought it would help. Cora glared at the right guy, wishing he’d say one thing so she could spew filth out of her mouth. Most of the time because she worked in the high school, people assumed she was this sweet little innocent woman who didn’t know how to party. The truth was she loved to get down and dirty. The men who tried to date her couldn’t handle the kind of freaky shit she loved. They were looking for something normal, and the moment she took over, they ran like fucking cowards. This was why she preferred to keep her relationship with Jay. He didn’t complain if she needed to come more than twice a night. No one could keep up with her, and so she hid that side of herself so well, almost no one even knew she existed. Stacey knew, and part of Cora believed this was a ploy to get her dirty side out. Cora hadn’t let that side of her out for so long. She’d grown tired of men trying to change her.

Stepping close to the man on her right, she ignored the woman, and focused on him. Her heart was pounding, and her pussy hummed at the simple action of approaching this potentially dangerous man. One of his legs was sticking out, and the other had the woman on it. Stepping so his thigh was between her thighs, she leaned in close so their lips were barely touching, and staring into his eyes, she asked, “What’s the matter? Can’t you handle a real woman?”

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