Bad to the Bone(2)

By: Sam Crescent

Several seconds passed before anyone else spoke up.

“I’ve got connections,” Drake said, giving in. “We can certainly get this piece of shit up to scratch. I don’t know what we’ll do for a cook.”

“You leave everything up to me. I’ll make sure everything is set up.” Taking a deep breath, James looked around the house. This was where they could make their future. The Dirty Fuckers MC was more than ready to take on the town of Greater Falls. He didn’t personally know why it was called Greater Falls, but it had a nice ring to it. They were the best MC around as far as he was concerned. Dirty Fuckers MC in Greater Falls. Perfection for him. He couldn’t wait to get started.

For the next year the entire club worked on getting the club into something to be proud of. They stripped the interior, and replaced everything that was dead or rotten. James worked side by side with his men, bargaining with electricians, builders, and plumbers. No one fucked over the club. He always got the best deals for his men.

Once the diner was close to being finished he called Teri Davies whom he’d met on the road. He’d fucked her a couple of times, and after he called out her boss, he got her fired. Since then he’d been trying to find the best place for her to work. Teri didn’t deserve to be fired, but he’d be a better boss.

He was meeting her at the diner in fifteen minutes. After breaking up a play fight between Pixie and Jerry, James made his way toward the diner just as Teri was pulling into the parking lot.

“What the hell is going on, James?” she asked. “Your cryptic message didn’t tell me anything. Do you know how expensive gas is? I can’t just come running to you every time you tell me.”

“That’s why it was cryptic so you decided to fucking come. I’ll pay you for gas. You don’t need to worry about the cost.” He smiled as he held his hand out to the diner. “What do you think?”

She joined him, slugging his arm before turning to the building.

“It’s an empty diner, James.”

“We own it. The MC owns it, and we’re looking for a cook.”

Teri paused staring at the building in wonder. “You’re shitting me?”


“I was only a waitress.”

“And we tasted all of your food, Teri. You can cook, and you should have owned that fucking diner back in the city. You should own a thousand fucking restaurants. That’s how damn good it tastes,” he said, meaning every word. “I don’t offer shit to shit people. You’re good at what you do, the best. I want you cooking for the club, and we’ll make sure you’re not tempted to walk away.”

Tears filled her eyes as she stared at the building. “You got me a diner. This doesn’t mean you’re going to want to marry me does it?” she asked.

“Fuck no. We’re friends, and we can still fuck. I’m not going to own you.” He placed his arm across her shoulders and looked up at the diner. “What do you think?”

“I think this is amazing. You finally did it.”

“I know.”

“This is what Pixie has always wanted,” Teri said.

“And I’m giving it to him.”

James loved his brother, and when Pixie almost died from a gunfight that they’d not been part of, James had made a promise to himself that he’d find a place for them to settle down.

This was where his brother’s dream would start and end.

“Oh my God, you’re going to have all the women eating out of the palm of your hand,” Teri said.

“I don’t want them eating my hand, baby. They’re going to be eating my dick.”

The Skulls could make a go of it, and he’d just recently heard Chaos Bleeds had settled down, and Trojans MC had always been in one place. It was time for the Dirty Fuckers to have a place, and women were going to be surrounding them like flies around shit.

Chapter One

Five years later

Cora Short glanced across her small apartment to where her friend, Stacey, was wriggling her tits in the mirror. She rolled her eyes at the sight but didn’t say anything about how her friend actually looked. Stacey looked hot, but she was trying a little too hard to show off too much flesh.

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