Bad to the Bone

By: Sam Crescent

Dirty Fuckers MC, 1


James opened the doors to the old abandoned building. It was large with four floors with plenty of room on the ground floor for them to have a bar, church, kitchen, sitting room, games room, and a couple of other rooms as well. The place needed a lot of work, but with the right vision and plenty of cash, James saw it being a dream for what the MC wanted. They were Dirty Fuckers, and his brother Leonard had decided they should be known as the Dirty Fuckers MC. They were all best friends, and most of them had grown up together in foster care or some of them were runaways.

Each of them had gotten by through working their skills from fighting to fucking. James trusted each of his brothers with his very life. They were not the kind of MC club that dealt guns or drugs, or did illegal shit. They were a bunch of vicious men who’d gotten their name because they dealt in sex and fights. Each of them had worked for Ned Walker at some point, yet none of them had stayed, and that was going back a good five years. They were together forming their own family, united in their loyalty to each other.

“What the fuck is this place?” Drake asked, coming in behind him.

There were only a couple of brothers who’d followed him to the clubhouse. Some of the brothers were unsure of settling down in one place, but James saw the value in setting down his roots, even if it was strange to him. His brother Leonard, or Pixie as he liked to be called, had also come along with him. James didn’t blame him for preferring Pixie. What kind of name was Leonard? His little brother—of a few seconds—had gotten bullied for it through school, but James had always been there to stick up for him. “This place is fucking brilliant.” They were the same age, but they were not identical in anyway.

Smiling, James touched the walls.

“How can this place be fucking brilliant? It’s falling apart?” Caleb asked, touching the wall.

“Structurally it’s sound. There’s not a problem with the main building. Everything inside needs a touch of love.” James looked around him at the potential. This place was perfection. “Think about it, men. This is going to be our place to put down roots.”

The Skulls and Trojans were known for putting down their roots, and it was time for the Dirty Fuckers.

“This is going to drain funds,” Drake said.

“We’ve got more than enough to build this place up. Once we get set up we can open up the bar, have a diner off the main floor, and this back part is the main part of our club. We’ll start making money, and we’re investing a lot of it as well. We’ve got what we need to set this place up.”

“A diner and bar? What the hell are we saying to the other clubs? Come and fuck with us ‘cause we’re a bunch of pussies?” Caleb asked.

“No. This is a place for us to party, to fuck, and to stay in the same fucking place.” James turned to the men. “Come on, it’s time for us to set up some place. I’m tired of fucking skanks on the road, and beating the shit out of pussies who don’t know their dick from their asshole. If other clubs want to come and mess with us, let them. We’d soon show them we’re not a club to be messed with.”

Everything they did was aboveboard, and no one called them pussies, no one. Even Chaos Bleeds kept away from them. They’d earned their name through hard work, blood, and pain. James would hurt and kill anyone who tried to take on his club.

He turned to Drake, who recently suffered from herpes because he forgot to bag his dick. “You should want to be safe. What I hear that shit fucking hurt,” James said.

“So what? We have condoms around?”

“Yeah, we have condoms, and no one can say shit about us. The diner and bar keep us legal, and we can fuck all the pussy that comes through that door.” He pointed to the door that they’d just entered.

“I’m in,” Pixie said. “I like variety in my pussy.”

“You would be,” Caleb said. “You never go against your brother.”

“I’m living and breathing, which is more than I can say for some people. James looks out for each of us. You need to realize this is a money making pit, and who would turn down free fucking pussy? I’m not. I’m with James ‘cause I’m tired of being on the road. I’m tired of having skanky leftovers.”

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