Always With You Part Three

By: M. Leighton

A BAD BOYS Serial Novel

Love didn’t come easy for Cash and Olivia. Forever will come even harder. But true love doesn’t give up, not even when dreams are crushed and reality isn’t quite the fairy tale you expected it to be.

When Olivia married Cash Davenport, it was her dream come true. Cash was everything she wanted and everything she needed, all wrapped up in jet-black eyes and an irresistible smile. She thought since she’d finally found the ideal man, their life would play out like a fairy tale. And, for a while, it did.

Until she found out that another woman, a woman from Cash’s past, has given him the one thing that Olivia can’t—a child.

For Cash, seeing their baby growing inside his wife would only make a perfect marriage more perfect, but all he really needs for true happiness is the love of his life—Olivia. She wants to give him a child, though, and when she can’t conceive, it puts a strain on her that Cash can’t seem to alleviate. That strain explodes when Sophie Marks, Cash’s old flame, shows up at their door with a little girl in tow. A little girl she claims belongs to Cash.

After all this time, can Sophie be trusted? Or has she returned with the sole intent of destroying the only real happiness Cash has ever known?



When I get to Dual some two hours later, it’s to find Cash and Jason at the bar, discussing something quietly and seriously. I have a feeling I know just what that something is, too.

I’m just walking in as Sophie is coming through the office door into the bar area. Her expressionless eyes narrow on mine for the space of a heartbeat before she looks away and puts on her biggest smile for Cash and Jason. Both are polite and pleasant as she approaches, but Cash’s smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

Sophie doesn’t stop until she’s at Jason’s side. She sort of bumps him with her shoulder, a playful gesture that makes Jason smile. She’s wearing tiny shorts and an even tinier cap-sleeved shirt with her bare feet. The fact that it is winter makes her apparel ridiculous, although I’m sure Jason doesn’t mind. The chill in the air livens up her shirt (and her bra) considerably. I can see her hard nipples from all the way over here.

Sophie puts her hands in her back pockets, bringing even more attention to her chest. Jason, being a man and all, leans back, resting one elbow on the bar as his eyes roam the curves that she’s all but begging for him to look at.

I roll my eyes and start forward.

You’re living on borrowed time, bimbo!

Cash catches sight of me and smiles for real. It warms me all the way to my toes and I make a beeline for him.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he whispers, pressing his lips to the curve of my neck as he wraps his arms around me. “How’s Pop?” he asks, referring to my father.

“He’s fine,” I tell him when he releases me. I want to shush him, to tell him to stop talking and just hold me. But I don’t. As much as I want Sophie to see that Cash is mine and that she doesn’t belong by his side like I do, manners are bred too deeply into me to do it. Instead, I answer my husband’s question from a respectable distance. “Still determined to go home tomorrow.”

“I have an idea,” Cash begins, flicking his eyes quickly toward Sophie and then back to me. He winks almost imperceptibly. “How about we see if Sophie would mind us taking Isabella up to Salt Springs. You could help your dad get settled and we could show her the farm and all the sheep. I think she’d like that. What do you think?”

I’m careful to school my expression, despite what’s going on in my heart and stomach right now. This seems like an awfully…final and…familiar step, considering that we don’t even know yet if Isabella is his. And that we will have a compelling reason to suspect that she is not if it turns out that Sophie was, in fact, responsible for the vandalism at DCSS. Although I’m glad Cash can be so accepting and loving of a child he’s only just met, it’s still a sensitive point for me. The thought of my father meeting and getting to know a child (and acting the grandfather role, which I’m sure he will) that isn’t mine hurts. It’s silly and selfish, but it’s true. It hurts. A lot.

I push my sudden sadness aside, however, in favor of simply trusting Cash. The wink says he’s up to something. And if that means getting Sophie out of our life, I’ll go along with whatever.

I smile brightly. “I think that’s a great idea!”

“I’ll check with Sophie and make sure it’s okay,” he says, just a touch louder.

“Check with Sophie about what?” Sophie asks.

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