Alexia Eden (FairyTales Don't Exist)

By: Sophie Summers



Lexi was brought up with a picture-perfect family and the life to match. She believed all those happy ever after stories her mother read to her and the Fairytales about finding her prince charming one day, her mother found her prince charming so it was only inevitable she did too, right? Tragedy strikes before her 16th birthday and the flawless life she once knew is shattered and tarnished.

Everyone and everything changes, she decides the only way to survive is to keep all her emotions under lock and not let anyone in. She loses her friends, those very ones that were by her side most of her life are now the ones bullying her and making her life hell.

She ends up moving to a small secluded town, little does she know that the town is run by werewolves. Her first night in town she befriends a brown wolf at a secret waterfall she finds hidden in the woods, seeking solace in the comfort of the wolf she tells him all her secrets knowing the animal cant betray her or pity her like humans do. One night at a bar she runs into a gorgeous guy named Jax, she’s under the impression he’s human but in fact he’s the soon to be Alpha of the towns pack. Jax immediately feels a connection to her and she feels the same way.

They become close…

What will happen when the brown wolf from the waterfall enters the picture …in his human form? Will she recognize him? What will happen to Lexi and Jax? Will Lexi’s trust in her friends remain after all the secrets are revealed? Will she accept the fact that her best friends are werewolves and there’s a secret world out there? Will Lexi reveal her secrets? Something she’s ashamed to admit and something that could put them in danger, will they think less of her or help her?

While she hides her feelings for one of the wolves, she falls madly in love with the other, thinking that her mother was right after all - she’s found her prince charming. As soon as things start to fall in place for her, tragedy will strike once again, how will she mend her broken heart this time?


Mom always told me that love conquers all. If you love someone with all your heart and with all that you have to give – no matter the problems you face as long as you were together it will be all right… She said that you know you’ve found your soul mate when it would hurt when they weren’t by your side and just being in their presence would soothe that ache.

I always thought it was just one of those silly things mothers would tell their daughters, similar to those quotes on the bottom of each page in a diary that are supposed to be inspirational but in fact leave you thinking what…the…fuck…

She also had those cheesy moments too however, when I was upset because the boys at the playground were being mean to me, she’d say “Don’t worry my lil’ Lex, one day you’ll find your prince charming, just like I did when I found your daddy”. Of course I wasn’t that naïve to actually believe in Fairytales and all the stories she would tell me about love as I grew older but I had hope, hope that one day I would find that person I would love so much that I would do anything and everything possible to be with them, that I would find my soul mate, my other half ...the person meant just for me…

My name is Alexia Charlie Eden, and yes my second name is Charlie. Mom thought she was having a baby boy, at least that’s what the doctor said, so imagine their surprise when I popped out. They decided to keep the name Charlie, because well that’s what they originally planned on calling me and the name Alexia was a tribute to Alexandria, the name of daddy’s younger sister who disappeared when she was sixteen.

Daddy says my mother and I look alike but I don’t see the resemblance at all. I’m pretty short at 5’3 and I wouldn’t say I’m skinny like mom either since I have more curves than the usual teenage girl. My mother also has brown hair but hers is pin straight where mine is more on the wild side and reaches my lower back, I guess I do get my petite body from her since she is a small woman.

My father and I have few similarities in our features; although my mother has brown eyes and my father has blue ones, mine are a mix between dark green and blue, so with my dark hair and pale skin they tend to stand out. I also have dad’s dimples and dark long eyelashes.

My mother was a typical housewife, always involved with anything to do in my life. She was my best friend and the person that even when I had a bad day at school I knew when I got home everything would be alright because mom was there sitting on her bed reading her sappy romance novels waiting for me to come home. She would always know when I was upset, she'd just open her arms wide and I’d go and cuddle beside her while she would whisper words of hope and encouragement.

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