A Very Dirty Wedding(252)

By: Sabrina Paige

"You," I whisper. "I was thinking about how much I wanted you inside me."

He presses the vibrator against me until I'm practically writhing. It's the hottest thing in the world, watching him between my legs. But he leaves me wanting, breathless.

"Don't stop," I beg, but he just smiles and pulls my panties to the side, flicking my clit with his tongue. He doesn't give me what I want. Instead, he reaches up and rips the side of my panties, literally tearing them from my body. "That's another set of panties gone."

"Too bad," he says. "I liked those. But I like what's underneath them better."

He sucks my clit into his mouth, but I want more. "No," I whisper softly. "I want your cock."

"I'm glad that after five years, you're still begging for it," he says.

"Kneel over me," I ask. "I want your cock in my mouth."

"I'm glad I married such a filthy woman," he jokes, kneeling low over my face. He covers my clit with his mouth, while entering me with the vibrator.

His balls dangle in my face, and I lick them slowly, taking each in my mouth as I softly stroke his cock. He's dripping pre-cum, and the anticipation of having his cock in my mouth while he's licking me is so overwhelming that I have to tell myself not to come.

I can't wait. I take him in my mouth, my tongue swirling around the head of his cock, teasing him. Reaching up, I pull him closer to me so I can take more of his length in, and he groans when I gently massage his balls.

"God, I love fucking your mouth," he says, pushing the vibrator deeper inside me.

His pre-cum mixes with my saliva as I suck him, and I moan at the taste. It's manly and erotic and tastes like…him. He hovers over me, careful not to move, letting me direct him deeper inside my mouth, even though I know by his groans he wants to take control.

I'm on the edge, nearly past the point of no return when he pulls the vibrator abruptly from my pussy and says, "I have to be inside you."

He doesn't wait for me to say anything. He pulls away from my mouth and turns around, his hands on my knees pushing them up to my chest.

When he enters me, he pushes so deep inside me it almost takes my breath away. "God, I love you," he says.

I whisper that I love him as he thrusts inside me harder.

"And I love that you went off the pill," he says. "Thinking of getting you pregnant makes me want to fuck you all the time."

"I want you to knock me up again," I whisper, unable to think of anything except the exquisite sensation of him inside me. "I want you to make me pregnant."

"Shit, Addy," he says, and he lets go at the same time that I come. He drops my legs, and I wrap my ankles around him, pulling him tighter against me as he thrusts into me again and again.

I'm panting, my chest heaving, even minutes later. He kisses me softly on the lips. "I love knocking you up."

I laugh. "You're such a Neanderthal, you know."

"I know," he says. "But I'm your Neanderthal."

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