A Stormy Spanish Summer(53)

By: Penny Jordan

‘You are my choice, Vidal. You are my love, and you always will be.’

‘Are you really sure that I am what you want?’ Vidal asked her with unfamiliar humility.

‘Yes,’ Fliss told him emotionally.

‘I am your first lover.’

‘The only lover I want,’ she said fiercely. ‘The only lover I have ever wanted or will ever want.’ Fliss knew as she spoke that it was true.

‘I hope you mean that,’ Vidal told her thickly, ‘because I am not generous enough to give you a second opportunity to walk away from me.’ When he saw the way Fliss was looking at him Vidal warned her in a voice rough with passion, ‘Don’t look at me like that.’

‘Why not?’ Fliss asked him mock innocently.

‘Because if you do then I shall have to do this,’ Vidal told her, kissing her so passionately that Fliss felt as though the desire he was arousing within her was melting her body right down to her bones.

‘We’ve both fought so hard not to love one another, but it was obviously a fight we were destined to lose,’ she told him breathlessly, once he had stopped kissing her.

‘And one in which losing I know I have won something far more precious—you, my darling,’ Vidal responded, before kissing her again.

What a joy it was to know that she could respond to him with all her heart and all her love, knowing that he had given her his, Fliss thought as he kept on kissing her while he carried her over to the bed.

‘I love you,’ Vidal told her as he placed her on it. ‘I love you and I will always love you. This is where our love begins, Felicity. Our love and our future together—if that is what you want?’

Wrapping her arms around him, Fliss whispered against his lips, ‘You are what I want, Vidal, and you always will be.’

‘I want you to marry me,’ Vidal told her. ‘Soon—as soon as it can be arranged.’

‘Yes,’ Fliss agreed. ‘As soon as it can be arranged. But right now I want you to make love to me, Vidal.’

‘Like this, do you mean?’ he asked softly, as he started to undress her.

‘Yes,’ Fliss sighed happily. ‘Exactly like that ‘



Fliss raised her hand to touch Vidal’s face, the wedding ring he had placed on her finger less than twenty-four hours earlier gleaming in the sunlight. Her sparkling eyes and the emotion that lit up her face gave Vidal his answer without the need for any words, but she still spoke, telling him emotionally, ‘More happy that I ever believed possible.’

‘Happier even than you dreamed of being at sixteen?’ he teased her gently.

Fliss laughed. ‘At sixteen I didn’t dare dream of being married to you, Vidal.’

In several hours’ time they would be boarding the private jet that would be taking them to the private tropical island where they were going to honeymoon, but right now the two of them were making a special pilgrimage, retracing together the steps taken all those years ago by her mother and her father, accompanied by young Vidal.

From the Alhambra they had strolled to the Generalife, the famous summer palace with its much-photographed water garden and its long canal and fountains bordered by beautifully tended flowerbeds. Sunlight danced on the jets of water thrown up by the fountains, and when Vidal stopped walking alongside one of them Fliss looked at him expectantly with love in her eyes.

‘It was here that I saw your father take your mother’s hand,’ he told her softly, reaching out to take hold of Fliss’s hand.

As she looked into the heart of the fountain it was almost possible for Fliss to imagine that she could see the shadowy images of those two young people.

‘Our love will be deeper and stronger for knowing their story,’ Vidal promised. ‘Our happiness together is what they would both have wanted for us.’

‘Yes,’ Fliss agreed.

It might normally be forbidden, but Vidal had magically made it possible for officialdom to turn a blind eye so that there was no one to object when, very gently and carefully, Fliss opened her closed palm to allow the petals from some of the white roses from her wedding bouquet to fall into the water, where they floated gently.

‘A release of the past and a welcome to the future,’ Fliss told Vidal.

‘Our future,’ he responded, taking her into his arms. ‘The only future I could ever want.’

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