A Kept Woman(9)

By: Daryl Devore

“And so you’ve taken on the noble mission of saving this poor man by making him fall in love with you? You’re so in over your head. This Davenport guy is worth a billion or two…or more. Geeky business kinda guy. Except he looks more like a Chippendale dancer than a geek.” Starting to take another mouthful of coffee, Taylor paused, looked over his cup at Arianne. His pupils dilated. “What is that look on your face? You’re up to something. Come on spill your guts, tell me.”

Arianne sipped her coffee. “Hush. I’m having a thought and it’s turning into a plan.”

“Are you going to tell me?”

She shook her head. “I have to think this through. Gotta look for holes that might piss him off and get me fired.” She curled up on the couch and lost herself in her thoughts.

* * * *

Tuesday at 1:59, she stood on the marble floor in front of the elevator doors and waited. As the clock in the dining room chimed the hour, she heard the swoosh of the elevator. The doors opened. One step inside the apartment, she placed a hand on Derek’s chest and stopped him. He had to move to avoid being pinched by the closing doors. “Kind of in a rush today,” she said. “No time or need for either of us to get undressed.” She unzipped his pants and reached inside. While her hand stroked him to life, her eyes locked onto the puzzled ice blue spheres before her.

Refusing to blink or look away, she visually challenged him. His breath quickened as she aroused the animal lust in him. She dropped his slacks and undershorts to his ankles then lowered herself to her knees and covered his swelling penis with tiny kisses. When she had aroused him to a full erection she lapped at him like he was an ice cream cone. Up, down, up and down again—she covered his shaft with long licks, teasing bites and soft kisses. When he was completely wet, she slipped the tip into her mouth. Holding him there she grazed his bare ass with her fingernails. His whole body quivered.

Unhurried, she moved her head, gripping him with her lips and releasing it with a soft touch. After making a circle around him with her finger and thumb, she lowered her mouth as far as she could then continued the movement with her hand. Pulling her hand back up to her lips, she slid back to his tip then lowered her head and hand again. Her fingers reached between his legs and stroked his testicles. Goose bumps covered his body. When he tried to move she pressed him back against the elevator door.

Using a light touch all the way through her coordinated stroke, she kept the pressure steady. He dropped his head as soft growls escaped from his throat. His fingers wrapped around her hair as he pulled her closer, trying to get deeper into her.

Her speed and pressure increased as the rest of her fingers wrapped around his engorged penis and mimicked the efforts of her mouth. His hips bucked into her. She glanced up. He was watching her mouth pleasure him. His breaths came in short sharp pants and his face had lost its professional coolness. It was focused on the delicious delights her mouth, lips and hand provided him.

His eyes fluttered shut as his breathing became deeper. Her left hand alternated from clawing his ass to caressing and squeezing his testicles.

She froze. With a groan of frustration, his knees buckled. “Don’t stop.” Slowly she slid her lips up the length of his cock, slipped him out of her mouth and kissed the tip. She could taste he was near his climax.

“More?” she asked.

He gripped the arch way for support and nodded.

“I could ask you for anything in the world right now and you’d give it to me, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes.” His answer was breathless.

“All I ask is that you enjoy this next few moments.” With a powerful driving motion she sucked him deep into her mouth. Again and again she deep throated him, fighting her gag reflex. He gasped and tensed. A long slow hiss ended with an explosion of hot fluid into her mouth. Slowing her pace, she swallowed, but continued slipping him in and out of her.

When the convulsions ended, she released his softer but still erect penis. He dressed himself while she stretched her legs. Without a word she reached into his suit jacket pocket and removed her envelope then pressed the elevator button. The doors opened. With a gentle push she backed him into the elevator and pressed the button for the parking garage. The doors closed and the elevator descended. “Step one done.” Arianne smiled.

* * * *

Opening her apartment door, she asked Taylor, “Hey, what are you doing home?”

He tossed his Blackberry onto the coffee table, sat down and patted the seat next to him. “Forget me. So tell me. Come on.”

“Taylor, it was wonderful.”

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