A Kept Woman(66)

By: Daryl Devore

He had shown her the world. He had made her rich. But all of that paled in importance to the moment she delivered him their son.

D.J. burped and sighed. Arianne snuggled her son close and returned him to his crib. Gently placing the blanket over him, she stood and watched him sleep. What a lucky woman she was, with a wonderful, loving husband and a beautiful, healthy baby.

She crept back into their bedroom, dropped her nightgown to the floor and slipped back into bed. Pressing her body against his, she dragged her fingers up his back. Derek rolled onto his back. Arianne stretched her naked body out and lay on top of his. She kissed his lips, neck and began working her way down his chest. Against her belly she felt his excitement begin to grow. In the darkness Arianne smiled and lowered her open mouth.

The End

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